I see those tears in your eyes! Facts about breakups in relationships.

Heart break and breakups seems to be a very trending issue today when it comes to relationships.
There is no cure for it, and there is absolutely no way to avoid the pains that goes with it.

But you can surely prevent the suffering, you don’t have to enjoy the whole package.
Whenever a person is hurt, it always pays to have someone to complain to, someone that’ll tell you that it ain’t your fault.

Surely there are different ways of grieving, not everyone like to have someone around them when those tears start flowing.
I always love to be left alone, to feel the pain and cry hard, else it’ll just turn into deep suffering that has no end.

But there are few facts about heart breaks and breakups.

1. Someone initiates the breakup. (probably for selfless or selfish reasons)

2. The whole load of burden usually falls heavily on the other. Does not mean the one who initiated the breakup won’t feel any pain, but the one who has to accept it suffers more, because before that decision is made by a partner, he/she must have thought it through and also have reasons, so he/she must have been prepared.

There’s a song that sings “when a heart breaks no it don’t break-even”

3. Heartbreaks may lead to depression if not properly handled.

4. If you should breakup with your partner just to be with someone else then you should be ready for a “likely” future regret.
Yes “likely future regret” I’m not saying it as what must happen, but as what will likely happen.

5. You can only break the heart of someone that loves you, so it is worth thinking through.

6. A breakup is likely to be initiated by a partner who was just in lust over something in his/her partner. Now when he/she sees another that is “well packaged” than the latter it becomes a whole new love story. That’s where they begin to think that they love them both.

7. Many have failed in the handling of an heartbreak thereby leading to hatred for the former partner or they begin to plot evil against themselves (suicide) or against the other(murder, waylay, social media attacks etc)

But there are simple ways to manage breakups and be happier than you ever were.

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