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I Do Not Need A Superman, All I Need Is A Loyal Man

Why are relationships so complicated? Why is it so hard to find someone who sees the real you and still decides to love you?

I really don’t ask for too much. All I want is to find someone who will love me no matter what. Someone who can love me back.

Someone who sees all my weaknesses, all my imperfections and faults, and who, despite all this, decides to love me every day.

I’ve always tried to be the perfect girlfriend. One who never asks questions and always understands everything.

One who was always ready to forgive and just move on. One who loved without limits or conditions.

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In fact, so many times I was content with less than I deserved, telling myself that things would get better over time or sometimes even that I didn’t deserve more.

I’m done with that. I decided to change my tune. I had a deep and honest conversation with myself. I decided to stop that kind of thinking because it hurt me.

Also because I know I deserve it. I deserve a man who will prove that all men are not equal. I deserve a good and loyal man.

I deserve a man who will always make me a priority. A man who loves and values my family and friends as his own. A man who buys me flowers or tells me how much he loves me for no reason.

Someone whose only goal will be to make me happy all the time.

Someone who never looks at other women while going out with me. Someone who will tell me that I am the only woman in his life and in his dreams. A man for whom one woman is enough.

You know the one who stands behind his own words and always keeps his promises? A man who’s not afraid to commit himself to me for the rest of his life.

I do not need expensive gifts every day. I don’t need someone who’s gonna solve all my problems for me.

I’m not looking for someone who’s too special, who has special skills or who’s special in any way. For heaven’s sake, I didn’t ask for a superman. All I want is someone who loves me in a special way.

I just need true and pure love. I want to be loved a little. I want a man who tells me that he loves me the most and really means it.

Well, I know that the search for love should not be our only goal in life, and I know how important it is to first build a relationship with yourself.

But it took me a long time to put that theory into practice.

The moment I decided not to settle for less than I deserved was the moment I began to build a healthier relationship with myself. That was the moment when I realized how important self-love is.

I finally realized my own value and began to value myself more. I found so many ways to make myself happy. Most importantly, I learned to love myself.

This does not mean that I do not want someone special in my life, it just means that I am special too.

That’s why I decided I’m gonna wait. I’m sure that my soul mate is out there somewhere. I’m sure that there are still good, stable men out there. I’m gonna wait for him to find me.

If you’re asking how I will know that I have finally met my soul mate, the answer is simple. He’ll be everything I never had before.

He’s not gonna play games like my exes did. He’ll prove right away that he’s a good guy, that I’m the only woman in his life.
his mind and his heart and that he won’t give up until I’m all his.

You see, I… All I ask is a good, loyal, steady man. That’s exactly what I deserve, and I won’t settle for anything less.

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