How to win your ex back.

     Most times after a break up, we seem to still have feelings for our exes which is absolutely normal. Most people also tend to want to win their exes back which is possible in certain cases. Depending on why and how the break up happened there are possible ways to win back your exes.
1.Give your ex space: Try to give your ex space after break up. Most people start to stalk their exes on different platform especially on social media which is very unhealthy mentally because you put your mental health on the line and can also make your ex feel uncomfortable
2.Try to fix yourself: Compose yourself after break up. Composure is very important. Work on the reason why your ex left you so that if he/she returns, there would be changes. Break up disorganizes some people but if you are trying t win your ex back, you have to try to fix yourself.
3.Don’t pressure yourself or your ex: One needs to be calm when trying to win their ex back. Avoid pressure from work, anyone or anything. Do not feel pressured to win him/her back and do not allow your ex feel pressured because this can be a turn off. Just take things steady and slow.
4.Try as much as possible not to show your insecurities: To be very honest, it is very normal and humanly to feel insecure especially when your ex posts new friends of the opposite sex online . As humans, insecurities set in but we can control it. Even if you feel insecure try not to show it.
5.Don’t post negativity on social media: Most times people post negative things about relationships on social media after break up just to get back at their exes which is very immature and can be a bad idea when trying to win your ex back.
6.Don’t beg: Avoid begging your ex to come back to you so he/she won’t decide to go back into the relationship out of pity or sympathy. Begging your ex can lead to a relationship with a one-sided feeling.
7.Send messages and call: This is a very important step when trying to win your ex back. Message him/her on social media at least three times in a week or if possible every day(ask random questions). Try not to refer to your last relationship or break up so you won’t sound desperate. At least let your ex have a feeling that you still care. You can even call him/her once in a while. Don’t call everyday to avoid your ex feeling like you’re stalking him/her.
8.Meet up/hang out: You can even decide to meet up with him/her once in a while. When you meet up with an ex you loved genuinely, most times feelings start to develop again. So just hang out once in a while.

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