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How To SHOW Your Girlfriend That You Really Love Her.

There are over a million (I’m not exaggerating) ways to show your queen that you love her and appreciate her. Even though obviously I won’t be able to list them all here, I’ll give you just a few good and unforgettable ways to treat her.

My first idea is to cook for her. It’s never easy for ladies that have to go to work and then come back to prepare food for their special someone but if you do this for her once in a while, she’ll definitely see you differently. Okay what if you can’t cook, there are many online cooking tutorials, watch videos, read recipes, even ask your female friends or better still order some food, just go out of your way (like I’m sure you always do).

My second idea is to hype her always. You know this babe is absolutely beautiful, hype her. Tell her at every chance you get how beautiful she is. Compliment her make up or dressing as often as possible, don’t let another guy do it for you.

Call her. When I say call her, I mean call her when you know she won’t be expecting it but be sure your babe is the type that likes calls. Some ladies don’t actually like frequent calls even if you are her boo. If she doesn’t then don’t call her all the time in order not to upset her

Surprise her. Most ladies love surprises. When I say surprises, go BIG! Plane tickets to a foreign country for a baecation, one week cruise outing, a new car or house. This is YOUR babe, if you truly love her, it won’t be too much for her.

Buy her expensive things. Even though it is just once in a while buy her those really expensive things you know she wants.

Pick her up from work or her business often. Some girls actually like this. Even though you might have been too busy to call her during work, you can always stop by her office at closing hours to take her home.

My last idea is for you to be there for her as often as possible. Some ladies are very emotional and they might need someone to vent to when they are in their feelings, be that person to her. Try to be available for her as often as possible, pick her calls by 3am, pay attention to her, encourage her, praise her, congratulate her, recognise her feelings, make her happy. If you can’t do these for her why are you with her?

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