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How to SHOW your boyfriend you undoubtedly love him

If you are actually the type of lady to show love to your boyfriend then I’m very proud of you for checking this post. Okay so you have this really amazing boyfriend that had been every sweet to you and you just want to show him a little bit of how much you care, well you came to the right blog ’cause I got a bunch of great ideas (whether you are cashed up or not!)

So my first idea is to serve him breakfast in bed. So you guys spent the night together and you know he made you super happy and you can’t believe how awesome your man is, why don’t you wake him up to an amazing breakfast. Alot of women don’t know this but breakfast in bed sticks, he won’t ever forget you and he won’t want to give up on you, you know he is a king so treat him as such. I’m not talking about plain coffee and bread, go all out, be creative. Just treat him nice.

My second idea is to send him gifts at work or office or even his house. Okay yes I know men are usually the ones to do this but sending him gifts will make him appreciate you more. Treat him like he is yours.

Set up date nights or outings for the both of you. Okay so you guys eat together in the house all the time, what’s gonna be the difference eating out right? Well if you put up the right settings, the right mood, dressing and food, it would be nothing like when you guys eat at home together. Send him a card, tell him to better get all dressed up, take pictures together, make beautiful memories.

Send him cute pictures while he is at work. Okay so you are busy too but you can’t stop thinking about him but you know he is busy so you can’t call him, then send him cute pictures, funny pictures, sexy pictures, let him know you think about him even when you are busy.

Send him money. Lol, I know this is funny but before you laugh hear me out. Well you know he is (probably) mostly he one doing all the spending anyways so joke around with him and actually send that man some cash, lol, it’s not that serious.

Buy him things he actually needs. If he is YOUR man, you would actually know those things he needs even if he doesn’t say it, they would be really petty things like a pair of socks, clipper, a tie, a belt, set of combs, just like little things that he personally needs.

Ask him about how his work is going. Even though some guys don’t like talking about their work with their girlfriends, it doesn’t actually hurt for you to just ask often, show him that it matters to him too.

Treat his siblings like family too. This depends on the kind of person he is. If he freely let’s you be around his siblings then treat them like yours too. It shows you not only love him but his family too.

So these are just a few things, you can do for this man, there are a load of other things too,you just have to be creative and remember if he is YOUR king then treat him as such.

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