How To Make Him Love You More Like Crazy With Just 6 Steps

 The dream of every woman is that their men totally fall in love with them but very few are doing it right. No woman wants her man to recover from them; if he recovers, he is a goner. So, they do everything possible to stay with the man they fell in love with. There are some things that are needed to be done right if truly you want him to love you more if truly you don’t want to lose him off. The questions are “will you actually follow these steps to be mentioned? can you actually use your head instead of your emotions?” women are very hyper-emotional being and they tend to use more of their hearts than their brains. But, for you to get him to love you more, you need to use more of your brain.


#1 – BE REAL

I made mention of this point in one of the articles on this
blog. Being real is virtually one of everything you can do to get whatever you
want. You cannot change yourself to get someone to love you more. It will later
not go in your favor. You cannot hide from who you really are for a long time,
what you are will come to play sooner or later and it will lessen your chance
of getting his good side.  

#2 – SPACE

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with him, don’t
choke him with too much love. As for man, love can be too much but for God,
it is never enough. You cannot call him every time, do not try to be with him
every time if you really want him to love you more. How will he love you more
when you don’t give him space to miss you, for someone to love you more, that
means the person is probably thinking of you frequently, that means the person
misses you. Don’t overdo anything. Give him enough space and let him miss you. This
point is not relevant or applicable if you are married to him already.


Whatever you will be doing, do it very right because he is seriously observing and using it to trust you more. Be careful of the types of relationships you get yourself into afterward; don’t make too much of male friends. Do not give him any form of room to doubt you, as all you need is to make him trust you with important matters. You need to support him and encourage him as well. Convince him that you are as strong as he is. Men generally detest timid and feeble ladies. For you to get him to love you more, do everything right. You can make him jealous as well but do not overdo it.  


People like it when you show them their worth and value and they tend to see you relevant as soon as possible. The surprise is one of the ways that you can actually use to make him love you more. Everyone likes it when they meet with unpredictable people; surprise him with your thoughts and actions. It will add more to your value. Surprises like, behaving in the opposite of what he expected (he might probably have done something wrong, but you didn’t show you are upset i.e. you didn’t cease to do any of your routines, this can be a great way to make him love you more), gifting; give him something he doesn’t expect as a surprise.  


ry as much as possible to show him that you are happy with
or without him. Humans consciously or might be subconsciously like people who
can do without them; you will notice that people you like most are those that
show you that they can actually do without you or show you less of you being
their priority. Show him you are so much happy as a person without him and he
will be wanting more of you. Trust me, it works like magic more than how it


Give thanks to him for every little or big thing he does for you. Let him know how much you value things he does. Showing gratitude can not be left aside when you are making him love you more. It doesn’t matter if he told you he doesn’t want you to appreciate him. I will say a big lie to that, he actually wants it but doesn’t want you to feel in some kind of way he doesn’t like. When you appreciate him, he wants to do more? When you appreciate him, subconsciously or consciously he will want to love you more, he will want to give more; as loving someone is giving more of everything you have.

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