How To Make Her Chase You: 16 Tricks That Work All Time

Are you tired of being tossed up and down by the girl of your dream? Are you tired of going after her and proving points to her? Wouldn’t it be nice to let her do the job for you instead

I already know what you’ll choose for sure. That’s why I’ve personally set aside this article for you to show you how to make the girl of your dream or girls in general chase you.

Let me tell you something: Making girls chase you isn’t difficult at all if you can successfully master the tricks that I will be dropping here in a jive.

You need to see it as a game. You play clean and get what you want with little or zero effort. It’s a game of playing hard to get. It is one of the most appreciated tricks that many people use when it comes to dating and relationships.

If you learn, understand and know the tricks of making women chase you, it’s going to be your superpower over them.

But, you should not use these art to make every girl you come across chase you if you don’t want problem for yourself.

These dating tips will help you approach the girl of your dream beautiful, make her fall in love with you, and make her chase you. If you overdo these arts she will stalk you.

How To Make Her Chase You: 16 Tricks That Work All Time

1. The first impression is always important

Meeting someone for the first time, first impressions will draw a picture of who you are in their mind, which is why it is most powerful when it comes to meeting new people. And that’s why you have to make your first meeting with her a beautiful and memorial one for her. She will never forget the way she met you, what you both discussed, and the first impression to her is like a magic moment if it’s nice.

If you want to get the girl to chase you and fall in love with you, you have to make the first impression a beautiful one. It worked for some and can also work for you like love at first sight.

But, sometimes things can go wrong the other way and you might no be able to make that first good impression happen. If that happens you don’t have to panic because there is an antidote.

Women have a very soft and kind heart, which makes them more forgiving compared to men. I’m pretty sure that she will give you another try if she senses reasonable limelight in you.

2. Invest in yourself

Women generally love industrious men. She will never want to be attracted to a lazy man. Apart from your appearance, you can equally attract her when you are so hard working. But you need to take care of your appearance as well because it’s important too.

YOu know the best way to invest in yourself is taking care of yourself by doing some hygienic essential things. Eat a balanced diet, work out, and look healthy. Wear nice clothes and have a nice haircut to improve your looks.

Looking healthy and attractive will increase your self-confidence and you won’t feel timid around girls.

3. Attract her with your body language

If you want to get the girl of your dream to chase you, using individual body language is probably one of the best ways to do it. It’s very easy; you just need to master some.

The first thing is to maintain eye contact. Make eye contact every time you talk to her. That’s how you will let her know that you are interested in her.

If she is also looking you directly in the eyes, she likes you too. 

Smile while you’re talking to her. She will believe that you find her company interesting and she will want to do more interesting talks with you.

Your postures have many benefits too, please, don’t forget that as well.

It says a lot about your self-confidence. If you have bad posture, you can always improve it.

Do some posture improving exercises, stand in front of your mirror, and get the posture that will make women chase you.

4. Stay busy


Don’t hang with her all the time. Let her some space to live her life outside of you. She doesn’t want to be with a man who will bore her out. She wants to be with a busy man who is adventurous. According to a research that was carried out by some behaviorists, it indicated that women are mostly attracted to men that are busy. More also, she wants to be assured that you have other things going on in your life asher breathe. Also, she needs to know that you have other things in life aside from her.

She wants to be sure that you are happy outside of her as well and this is very important. Don’t ever let anyone decide your happiness or better still, don’t tie your happiness around anyone.

If you begin to treat her like she is the only person in the whole world, she might start thinking that you are desperate and jobless.

You have to prove to her that you are a successful man who thinks about his future and how to create a better future for him and his future family. Show her that you want to make the most out of life.

Focus on your work and goals. Hang out with friends more. Work with the brother-code which says choosing friends over girls. Go on some trips with your friends and family.

You have to let her know that you have your own life and she is just going to be an addition if at all she comes in. Giver her little to zero priority.

5. Friendzone her

Maybe you are afraid of this advice because you think that you might lose the girl of your dream forever, instead of making her chase you. But you’ll have to trust me on this and do as I’ve said.

Being friend-zoned by the person we like is difficult situation for everyone. But, in some strange way, rejection is what attracts us the most. Humans by default hate rejection and will want to do everything to be accepted by the same person who rejects them. Everybody wants what they can’t get easily.

Most women (especially attractive women) aren’t used to being rejected or placed in a friend zone term and they hate it because it makes them needy. And neediness is one of their weaknesses, and it’s always obvious.

Their neediness is good for you because it’ll make them think that they can’t live without you and then the chasing will start.

6. Win over her friends

Her friends play a huge part in her life. They’re the people she loves and trusts the most. That’s why you’ll need to get to know them and get them to like you.

Treat her friends as your own. You should always respect her and compliment her in their company. You need to convince them that you are interested in her.

Her besties have a big influence on her and she’ll ask them for their opinion about you the first time they meet you. 

Basically, in order to make her chase you, first you have to win over her friends.

7. Be mysterious

This is the most important thing you should know if you want to make a woman chase you. Being mysterious with a girl you like can make you irresistible.

Don’t reveal much about yourself on the first date. Also, don’t share too much information about yourself on your social media.

Let her investigate things she would like to know about you. This isn’t playing hard to get, it’s how you are going to find out if she likes you enough to find out some things about you by herself.

She’ll watch your every move. If she likes you, she’ll want to know more about you. That’s why your enigma will make her chase you more than anything else.

8. Learn to say NO

If you start saying yes to everything she says and suggests, it’ll mean that you don’t have character. She’ll take it that you are a people pleaser.

And women don’t like pushovers – men who can’t express their own opinions and don’t have their own views about certain things.

If you don’t like something or you’re not okay with something she suggests, just say that you don’t agree with her.

Even if she gets mad, you shouldn’t change your opinion. If you want to see a woman chase you, don’t be afraid to disagree with her.

9. Charm her with humor

relationship minds

Women think that humor is one of the most attractive traits a man can have. That’s why humor is always a great way to get women to chase you.

So, the fact is that girls like guys who can make them laugh. But you should know that there are some boundaries you should respect.

Don’t use jokes that will make you creepy. Also, don’t use dirty jokes if you’ve just met a girl.

Take note though: Having a sense of humor isn’t just about telling jokes all the time, it’s also in the ability to find humor in things around you and being able to make her smile in every situation.

10. Pay her compliments, but don’t overdo it

Compliments can have a magical effect on women. However, you should be careful. Don’t start bombarding her with tons of compliments.

Give her only genuine and sincere compliments. She has to be sure that you really mean it, that you aren’t praising her only to seduce her.

Your compliments have the power to make her day better. If you know when and how to use them, you’ll have the girl you’re into chasing you sooner than you think.

When you first meet a woman you like, you should never pay her compliments based on her physical appearance. Those compliments are never effective because women get them a lot.

11. Make her jealous


To get girls to chase you, you have to make them jealous sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to date other girls.

There are plenty of other ways to make her jealous. For example, you can like and comment on photos of other girls on Facebook or Instagram, or talk with other girls while she is near.

Once again, you have to be careful and don’t overdo it in making her jealous. She might strike back and start making you jealous.

Worst-case scenario, she might think that you are not interested in her or that you’re not boyfriend material because of you flirting with other girls, causing her to end the game and move on.

12. Don’t text back right away

If you reply to her messages immediately, it’ll make you desperate, and it’ll seem like you’ve been waiting for her text all day.

You can make the first move here, ask her for her phone number, and start texting her first.

You have to know that waiting to text someone back is a tactical game and to make girls chase you, you have to win it.

She has to know that you are a busy man and don’t have time to chat with her all day long. It’ll also mean that you are a serious, mature man and that you prefer talks and dates in person.

Scientists agree that making someone wait for your reply increases your attractiveness.

So, make her wait a bit and wonder where you are and what’s keeping you so busy that you can’t even reply to her text.

13. Challenge her

Don’t forget that the tougher a woman has to work for your affection, the more valuable and important you’ll become to her. That’s why you’re obliged to play hard to get to have what you want.

Challenging a woman you like is always going to be a great scheme to keep things exciting in your relationship.

You have to make her inquisitive about you and your life. Make her work harder for the details about your life.

You have to assure her that you are fully enjoying your life outside of her and that it is difficult to keep up with you. Tag her unimportant and make it not too obvious.

The aim is to challenge her without being caught. Not replying to her text instantly, forgetting important information she told you deliberately, annulling plans you’ve made with her, being super mysterious, and being different from other men will make her even more curious about you and your lifestyle.

Those are some things you can enable to challenge a girl and make her chase you.

14. Don’t admit you like her too soon

This is the step you should let her do first. When she tells you how she feels about you, then you can say that you like her, too.

You’ll destroy everything if you reveal your feelings too soon. You might even push her away. And even when she admits that she likes you first, you shouldn’t admit you’ve been into her for a while as well.

Just tell her that you’re having a good time whenever you’re with her and you would like to hang out with her more often.

15. Introduce her to your friends

It’s okay to introduce her to your friends, but make sure it’s planned and not an impromptu introduction. Before the day you’ve planned to show her to your friends, tell them to pretend like you never talked about her. Like, they didn’t know that you were seeing her.

She’ll think that you aren’t interested enough in her and that would make her work harder for your attention. Don’t worry about your friends because she will do anything to get your friends on her side to convince you that she likes you. Let her war to get you. It’s totally fine and awesome for you. Because you have everything planned from the beginning.

16. Don’t start chasing her

If you see that you’ve won the game in making her chase you, don’t start to chase her. No matter how much you like her and want to express yourself desperately, don’t ever do that.

She might get tired and the game will end for her. Remember, she’s into you because you’re playing the hard to get game. That’s your foundation and you can not destroy it.

You’ll see that the time you decide to stop chasing women, things will come around for you and they’ll start chasing you instead of you doing all the works.

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