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How To Know If Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

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We all know breaking up with a lover is difficult but the most difficult part is getting over an ex, most people don’t actually get over their exes and they find it almost impossible to move into a better relationship. Here, I’ll be giving you hints in how to know your ex might still be hitting on you.
Firstly, If your ex still calls you on a regular basis you should know they are finding it difficult to get over you. It’s not like calling your ex is wrong but regular calls mean he/she misses your voice or they are trying not to lose that bond you both once shared
Secondly, they still engage on your social media posts. If your ex is the first or one of the first people to like your new post on Instagram or twitter or to view your stories on Instagram and status on WhatsApp, you know. they are still secretly hitting on you.
Thirdly, If your ex is still buying you gifts on a regular basis and I’m not just talking about birthday gifts but like maybe more times than they should then you know they are missing you
Lastly, if your ex keeps asking about how you are doing regularly, always trying to get involved in your daily activities or trying to help resolve your daily issues then you know they cant get over you
These are really just a few signs and if are showing all of this signs, you need to clear it out and do something about it.

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