How To Know If You Are Being Lied To

It’s no longer news that we have partners who are found guilty of lying. It might look not so real, but you are getting used up. It is very sad that a faithful partner doesn’t get what he/she put in back. You are busy working on the relationship while the other side of the coin is just pulling the relationship down. Some things might come your way that you think the only solution is to tell a lie. You think your partner isn’t ready for the truth yet because they are not strong enough to hear the truth. The sad section of the page is that in the end, you end up destroying the relationship because you lied. You ended up building your marriage/relationship on deceit. So why not say the truth and face reality. You need to learn that it can’t rain forever. There’s always a way out after all. However, some partners are just so weak mentally that they cannot watch tell the truth when a whole lot of things go wrong.

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The question is “How can I Know When My Partner Is Lying?”

You need to find out and help them fix things up if you can. If you cannot, you’d solve it together. Because this is the reason why you are there for one another.

How To Know If You Are Being Lied To

1. Eye To Eye Contact

One of the critical reaction that you are going to notice is that your partner will find it hard to look you in the face. It’s true that we have shy partners, but it doesn’t extend to you are an integral part of their lives. When you notice that your partner cannot maintain an eye to eye contact with you, it is 90% probability that they are hiding something from you.

2. Avoiding A Good Conversation.

 Communication is a very important part of a relationship. You will get to know a lot of things through it. You will never be caught unaware when you have a good communication ground with your partner. It is called Effective Communication in a Relationship. Whenever your partner avoids having a good long conversation with you, findings show that they are hiding something from you or have lied to you and they do this so that you don’t further ask about it.

3. Sudden Nice

Your partner becomes nicer than their usual trait or character. He/she wants to do every single thing for you. They believe that they are doing these things to make it up to you after lying to you. They believe that they are already owing you the truth. The funniest part is that they cannot say it to you until you find out yourself. So when this happens, your partner is lying to you about something very important.

4. Trust Your Instincts

Your immediate gut reactions might be more accurate than any conscious lie detection you might attempt. In one study, researchers had 72 participants watch videos of interviews with mock crime suspects. Some of these suspects had stolen a $100 bill from off a bookshelf while others had not, yet all of the suspects were told to tell the interviewer that they had not taken the money.

Similar to previous studies, the participants were unable to consistently detect lies, only accurately identifying the liars 43% of the time and the truth-tellers 48% of the time.

But the researchers also utilized implicit behavioral reaction time tests to assess the participants’ more automatic and unconscious responses to the suspects. What they discovered was that the subjects were more likely to unconsciously associate words like “dishonest” and “deceitful” with the suspects that were actually lying. They were also more likely to implicitly associate words like “valid” and “honest” with the truth-tellers.

The results suggest that people may have an unconscious, intuitive idea about whether someone is lying.

So if our gut reactions might be more accurate, why are people not better at identifying dishonesty? Conscious responses might interfere with our automatic associations. Instead of relying on our instincts, people focus on the stereotypical behaviors that they often associate with lying such as fidgeting and lack of eye contact. Overemphasizing behaviors that unreliably predict deceptions makes it more difficult to distinguish between truth and lies.

5. Hiding the mouth or eyes

A deceptive person will often hide her mouth or eyes when she’s being untruthful. There is a natural tendency to want to cover over a lie, so if a person’s hand goes in front of her mouth while she’s responding to a question, that’s significant. Similarly, there’s a natural inclination to shield oneself from the reaction of those who are being lied to. If a person shields her eyes while she’s responding to a question, what she might well be indicating, on a subconscious level, is that she can’t bear to see the reaction to the whopper she’s telling. This shielding may be accomplished with a hand, or the person might even close her eyes. We’re not referring to blinking here, but if a person closes her eyes while responding to a question that does not require reflection to answer, we consider that a means of hiding the eyes, and a likely deceptive indicator.

Conclusion: It is better to be very careful in a relationship to avoid any funny situations that might potentially end your family or relationship.

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