How To Know If She Appreciates You

That’s one thing most people wonder about. Does she appreciate me? I’ve been through this and I know the conditions to know if she does. Well, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by women all my life, so I can say a thing or two about when they meet you with real sincerity and appreciation and when they don’t. I’ve had a few relationships (I’m very picky), and in all my experiences I could hardly say anything to those who were really grateful until I compared the attitudes my sisters treated boys who liked them to those they just hung out with. Women can be really complicated to read when it comes to emotions, love, and other things, but if they really appreciate you, she will find it hard to keep to herself if her pride doesn’t get in the way.

Women are emotional creatures, and if you want to drive this appreciation out of them, you not only have to make a great effort but also be sincere and self-sacrificing. But to feel valued by them, these standards must be met:

1.Make sure she’s not lustful about/after someone else

2. She does not see you as an ordinary friend (friend zone)

3. Her intentions towards her must be known from the beginning

4. You do not make yourself too available to serve. (If you do, you will be exploited to trust me).

5. At crucial times you are always available to offer a helping hand.

6. Even in fun times, be principled and disciplined in your behavior. Most women want a guy they can always look up to, not someone they can babysit, i.e. find a balance between naughtiness and seriousness.

7. Be the voice of reason and ignorant conscience, which she needs but cannot find among her friends But do this in a subtle way. Most women hide the truth from each other because even in friendship they still compete with their feelings.

8. In everything you do with her, this is the most important of all. Be true to her if you value her so much. Some truths may be a bit spiced up, but overall you should tell the truth again

If all these standards can be met and maintained, then the signs or tokens of appreciation should flow within a short time. Most ladies want to be treated like a queen, but want to experience the truth like a commoner. Even the superficial ones, who throw caution to the wind, seek the truth among friends alike but hide from it in the assembly of admirers. A woman does not wish to be forced to show appreciation but will give it freely and unreservedly if she feels that you have filled a vacuum that cannot be filled by anyone else. It could be emotional, financial, psychological, educational, spiritual, etc., and she cannot help but show how grateful she is unless she lets her pride get in the way, which is the result of a stronger sense of understatement towards the person in question. When a woman shows her gratitude without her pride getting in the way of her actions, it clearly shows that she is a lady who has opened herself up to be taken advantage of (which most Nigerian women never do, except those who do it for personal gain). And this is one of the many reasons why quite a lot of women give up on a guy who really means something to them but is too proud to show it, while the guy keeps thinking to himself: “If I really mean something to her, I shouldn’t be here all alone thinking up a way out for her”. A man can always be open to playing the fool most of the time, but even a fool sometimes needs the appreciation of his audience to deliver a good show.

And here are signs to watch out for if she really appreciates you:

The Quiet Girl

quiet girl in a quiet place

1. She has this long stare at you when you are together, followed by a smile

2. She feels more comfortable saying “thank you” on the phone than looking at your face.

3. She is always there to say good night to you by text, chat, or voice message.

4. And if she missed the night before, she is the first one to wish you good morning by SMS, chat, voice message, or phone call.

5. She is always worried if you are sick or broke if you are arguing with someone else, etc.

6 She sees you as a trustworthy ally and someone she can confide in at any time.

7. She asks personal questions about her person, which she expects you to know, or she asks how many of her pictures you have in your possession and for how long

8. If she is still coy, she will ask you stylishly about your relationship status and tell you how unfortunate it is that the person you are with does not appreciate you.

9. When she comes to visit you at your place, she concentrates on making your apartment look nice and tidy, and then focuses on you.

10. She never allows her phone to be a form of distraction. (Because she already knows when to leave so all other things can wait).

The Outspoken Girl

woman looking at the mirror

1. She says “thank you” after a meal, a long walk, sex (if you are so good), a visit next to her salon, etc.

2. She will personally kiss you goodnight and if she spends the night with you, she will probably cuddle up to you like a baby

3. Walking with you in public and holding hands is the highlight of her day.

4. Sending you text messages or chatting with you at regular intervals. (Mostly naughty messages and not the ones asking you for money for Brazilian hair)

5. She gives you space with your friends, but as soon as she demands your attention, she will not settle for less.

6. She wants all your friends to know her, even if she disagrees with some of them. (And be sure that she will also reduce the overtime hours)

7. She shares her ideas with you, although she knows that you might reject some of them

8. You notice certain positive changes in her that were not there when you first became interested in her.

9. She pays more attention to you when you visit her at her home than when you do other things

10. She doesn’t want you to find her in the company of other boys, and even if you do, she focuses on you.

She will not disparage you in public or in private.

The list is endless, and there are countless signs to watch out for, but these are just a few of the many things to watch out for if you feel less appreciated by her.

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