How To Help Your Man Overcome His Habits

A man’s life might have been influenced by many experiences in the past that might have changed who he really is. Which normally have a great side effect in his relationship. From the way he sees love, down to the way he treats the lady he so much love. At times, he doesn’t know the right way to act, the right way to properly show how he feels and which tend to reduce the progress of the relationship. But the truth is that most of time, the lady in the picture doesn’t understand. She concludes that he is just like that and will never change. I do not want to tell you to hang on in there but at the same time not telling you to leave him be. You might also have a great impact in his life, if you want to change that habit you detest so much in him. He might be a smoker, a drunker or a bettor or punter or other worst things you can not imagine. Majority of these habits are learnt from peers or might even be as a result of depression or loneliness before you came into his life, you never can tell. I’m so sure he wants to change as much as you want to change him but addiction is not an easy to let go thing. You are the only one that can help him, if you leave him because of his habits, who will then help him scale through them? If you truly love him that much, you will never leave him because of what he is going through. Instead, you will stand by him and take care of him. I must say, habit of any kind is suffering and bondage, no freedom at all is said to have come to play.

Have you made up your mind? If no, break up with him. But if yes, let’s get on the ride!


The first thing you should do is make him realize his worth and value. Tell him how smart he is without that habit(s) in the picture since you’ve known it or them. Always find a way to make him know his worth and how stupid those habits look on him.
Every habits have one or two to 10 things to tell on the health not to talk of psychological effects or trauma. You have to give genuine reasons why he should stop. Tell him you want to grow old with him and without him leaving those habits in the picture, it might be difficult to grow old together. Though, he already knows those habits shorten life, but it’s much more better to remind him and make him input discipline to stop.
One of the best ways to make him stop is helping him through the processes. You cannot just tell him to stop with words alone without any support. It is so difficult to stop any habit alone without the help of anyone, just like when he started. I’m pretty sure that someone gave him inspiration to start. Someone needs to give him another inspiration to stop. That’s how it works
Always be available for him. Do not give him a room to be alone. The best way to avoid habit is reduction of alone times.
You need to stop reading more articles on how to help him stop his habit because it becomes more complex in the end. The more you read articles on how to stop his habits, the more you find a lot of to-do list which becomes bulky and tiring.
Give him a call if you are not able to make it to his place. Let him feel, someone is there watching him and taking care of him. He will be careful of everything he does.


Do not allow any forms of depression in him. Make him happy as possible as you can. You can give him a surprise gift or throw a surprise party for him. Just to give him more inspiration to stop.


New habits and belief is formed in minimum of 30days. Let him abstain for thirty days and watch how his life begins to change drastically. There’s no drugs to stop any habit, only abstinence works.
#9. PRAY
You can always support him in prayer which is the warfare of the spirit. There’s nothing that cannot be solved through prayer, in fact it works faster than anything. Things that we see in the physical have been manifested first in the spiritual realm. If it is so difficult to help him physically, then apply for spiritual realm and it works! Without fail.

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Do not marry him if you see these things.

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