How To Get Your Ex Back: Unlocked secrets

Over the years, a lot of people have been searching for the secret that really works to successfully convince your Ex to get back to you. Without being judgmental about what caused the breakup, you came back to your senses that you don’t really want to continue without that man, without that lady who got your head over heel. It was just a silly mistake that destroyed Rome that had been built. It doesn’t really matter what happened between both of you. You’ve discovered what went wrong and your own part of the mistake. Although, only you cannot successfully manage a relationship. It requires a two-sided effort to make it work.

But the first step to go about getting your ex back is to discover what broke the relationship in the first place because every other amendment and the fix will be built on it.

I’ve read a lot of articles on this exact topic. I am not criticizing but none of those articles mentioned what went wrong in the first place.

Before you can successfully fix something especially a relationship, you will need to find what fault it has in the first place. It will be so impossible to fix a mistake you don’t even know it exists.

The Unlocked Secrets Of Getting Your Ex Back

1.  What went wrong?

It is very essential to find where you got it all wrong. In this approach, it doesn’t matter if you’re the man or the lady in the relationship. The effort is towards the person who wants to fix the relationship. I used to say something; If a relationship goes bad, it is the contribution of the two persons in it and if a relationship is doing fine, it is the contribution of them as well. So you also have your own mistake that’s why it went all wrong. You might think that you’ve been the one pushing it from the start, it doesn’t matter. If you dig yourself, you’d understand that you contributed to what happened to the relationship. Now, I’m not asking you to blame yourself for what happened, I just want you to get a picture of what I’m saying. Now is not a time of condemnation, it’s a fix-time.

You are the one that understands the reason why you don’t want to let go. You’ve seen a light in the darkness. You’ve seen it that it’s actually going to work.

Now, did you notice your own part of the mistake that led to the breakup?

Possibility of what went wrong;

a. Did one of you cheat?

b. Reckless spending?

c. Lack or insufficient empathy?

d. Understanding lagged?

e. Over-protectiveness?

f. Are you power ponder?

g. I did nothing, of course!

A. Did One Of You Cheat?

Cheating according to the dictionary is the act of dishonesty. The word “cheating” is synonymous with “stealing” as well.

It’s no longer news that people cheat, but the reason why people cheat differs. There’s nothing else you can call it that can justify it as right. Infidelity, cheating, and adultery are capitally the same. When someone cheats in a beautiful relationship is a betrayal to your partner. Now, why did you cheat?

There is a possibility that you are no longer interested or in love. It is better to let your Ex go if you cheated in your right senses. However, there might be silly and deadly circumstances where you were drunk and unconsciously cheated on your partner. Though it is still not justifiable at least you’ve got some explaining to make to your partner.

It will take tie but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel of trial if you cheated unconsciously.

B. Reckless Spending?

Dating someone who is super disciplined is a very great thing. Especially for men who spend money on super expensive products to prove superiority to the lady they are dating. Honestly, a sensible lady will never want to continue because all you care about is spending to impress her emotions and not invest in the relationship. You don’t need to use the money to buy a relationship with a person. If you buy it, it won’t last. Love that lasts can never be bought.

C. Lack of or insufficient empathy?

When you don’t understand and share your feelings with your partner things go bad. You don’t need to be afraid to share your weaknesses with your partner. Maybe you were afraid to be the weak one in the relationship, you ended up hiding crucial information from your partner and destroyed the relationship because you became secretive.

D. Understanding lagged?

Maybe you didn’t notice that you’ve stopped understanding your partner because you’ve placed yourself first before the relationship. At times, you might listen to the wrong way. It’s not about carefully listening to your partner talking about a problem and you thinking of a way to fix it. It even goes deeper. Ladies burned with “conversation”. She wants to often talk with you and feel that you’re all there for her. Maybe communication grew worse and understanding lagged to harm the relationship.

E. Over-protectiveness?

Protecting your partner is not bad but don’t stalk them. Maybe you started to be overprotective of them. You care so much that you never gave them space to breathe. Buff! It got boring and goes down. Instead of working on the relationship, you started working on stalking your partner. Nobody in this world wants to be caged. Love is a preacher of love not captive. Maybe you are over-protective.

F. Were you power ponder?

Have you been going on a power trip in the relationship? That you were the man, richer or better than your partner doesn’t give you the power to start controlling your partner. A man will never settle for a woman who controls him, likewise, a lady will never settle for a man who pushes her left and right like a pendulum. You can never get a successful relationship by being dominant. Maybe you tried to overpower your partner.

G. If you think you did nothing wrong, forget about getting your EX back.

Now that you’ve gotten a hint of what went wrong, it’s time to get your EX back without making the same mistake in the process.

2. Go very slow

over my ex

Now that you’ve examined the wrong in your part, go ahead with the next procedure. Going very slow means going steady to achieve success. You can never get your EX back in haste. It requires careful planning and execution of those plans. What are the plans? Use what your EX loves most to get them back. Carefully outline the likes and dislikes of your EX. I don’t know them but you do. You will be working with those numbers because all I am writing here is for the general. Only you can carefully out list the exact unlocked secrets carved out of what I’ve explained here.

3. Avoid contacting your Ex


Don’t ever give your Ex a limelight that he/she is the best option for you. You must not put your Ex in the position to decide your happiness as well. When something becomes a thing that decides your happiness, not even things that are written here would work. You will eventually be controlled by your emotions.

If you contact your Ex, I know you want him/her to know that you still care and still think about them. But it will only confirm to your ex that you’re not good enough for them and nobody wants you as well. He/she will feel it’s alright to have left you in the first place. Listen, I’ve done it before and it ended up disastrous. I called her and messaged her on Facebook: (i) she ignored (ii) I got an inbox from her and I was happy. When I opened it, “Over is over and not going back” was the reply I got from her. #All Efforts Lost

4. Go out with friends and family

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You will be needing a lot of pictures in the upcoming days to show to your ex that you’re doing fine without him/her. How to achieve this is going out with friends and family. Make sure that you take enough pictures when you go out. What this does is that it tells your Ex that you’re very comfortable and happy without him/her. It also tells your Ex that he/she is just an addition to your life. When you continually post pictures of your life going events with new and wonderful places, your Ex will find a new reason to see value in your life. I wouldn’t want to engage in a product without a value; It is called Cheap. Don’t post anything negative on social media. Your Ex might end up moving far away from you. A negative environment becomes a no-go area or everyone. Another reason why you should never do that is that your new friends will see you as a sad person as well and you know that sadness can be contagious. You can get more attention by being negative and sad but the only attention you’d get is a pity and nobody likes that attention.

5. Never hurt yourself

It is very crazy to hurt yourself for someone who doesn’t even know it. You can never get loved by hurting yourself. You can be loved by loving yourself first. In fact, I can never get into a relationship with this type of person. If you can inflict pain on yourself, you can do anything to your partner. Maybe that was why the relationship ended in the first place.

6. Create more value for yourself

What are you waiting for? Create more opportunities for people to see more value in you. How can you achieve this? You need to learn new things and get busy with them. Solve problems that you can think of. In fact, I will recommend solving problems, when you add value in people’s life, value runs back at you. Do anything that you can think of that can successfully add more value to your life and don’t forget to take pictures.

7. Moving forward

If you don’t get a “Hi” from your Ex, take the first step and never be desperate to get a reply. Dealing with an Ex is very delicate as any small thing can destroy it all. After 7 days, ask your Ex to do the favorite thing they like to do together with you. It is 99% to 1% you’d get a Yes. Because he/she has seen a new value in you. Make sure that everything you say on that day helps things out. You know your Ex well, their weakness and strong point are well known to you. Use his/her weakness to your advantage and make it work. You need to know that everything else after that day is determined by your actions that day but never be desperate.

8. Time

Some ground where a relationship was ended might take a while for it to be rebuild. You cannot rebuild a destroyed Rome in just a few steps. Another thing is to forget that he/she is your Ex. Calm down and talk to him/her like you want to start afresh. That can give you another stand and mindset to work harder. The first trial might land on the wrong side of favor but don’t give up. Keep trying and never be desperate. I assure you that you’d get back your Ex if you never give up.

9 Things to consider & Say along the line;

1. Continual Trial

2. Never be desperate

3. Keep working on yourself and add more value

4. Never let your happiness be determined by anyone

5. Always take pictures

6. Keep up a smiling face

7. Say ” I am sorry”

8. Be sincere with yourself “Baby, I want you back”

9. I love you and want to take care of you.

You can talk to me if you need any help. I will be so happy to support you.

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