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How To Get Over A Relationship

Getting over a relationship might not be easy especially if you really loved the person but they weren’t good enough for you, or the relationship was just very toxic. Before you get over a relationship, you have to put the relationship to a complete stop. You can’t get over someone if you still feel like you are in a relationship with the person. So I’m gonna take you down five short steps to get over a relationship.sad and depressed man having a lonely time
Start a new hobby: This is a really big step to getting over that person. If you are having difficulties getting over that relationship this will definitely help. Hobbies like reading books, going on a vacation, learning to dance, learning a new language, just some kind of distraction. It won’t help immediately but with time, that person will be the least of your worries.

STEP 2: Delete all the memories you both have together: From pictures to videos on your social media and gallery, even songs you guys share together, delete everything, even from your cloud. Some girls like keeping those memories or whatever but it’s not healthy at all because you might just see those pictures or videos and breakdown or try to go back to them.thinking about you

If they keep calling you, tell them you do not appreciate the calls or better still block their number. Trust me, hearing their voices is not helping matters at all, you will definitely miss them. This is a very vulnerable time for you and hearing their voices is not going to help.

Hang out with your friends more and spend less time alone. Some people want to spend this period on their own but to me it’s not advisable. Dead that thought. Spend time with your friends, so that they can make you smile and you can quickly create new memories.pexels-photo-708440

Cry if you have to but not publicly. Crying is not a sign of weakness. If you think about them and you have to cry it out, do it but don’t cry forever. Cry to let out the pain and do it when you are alone, so avoid “pity-party” ’cause it’ll hurt more.

I am absolutely certain that if you do this five basic steps in two – three weeks, you would be able to have other things in mind and that relationship would be a thing of the past.portrait-photography-profile-face-one-38289-1

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