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How To Change A Player To A Lover

It is obvious that love changes people. When a player gets to find that man or lady that drives him or her crazy, he or she falls in love. When a player gets to love, it’s unstoppable because they’ve experienced fake relationships they initially planned and they tend to identify true love. I am not trying to encourage players at all because karma law will always come to play. Only very little will be exempted by Karma (Karma is reaping whatever you sow). I do not blame any player as well because most of them turned out to be whatever they are right now as a result of falling in love with a wrong person. But that doesn’t make it right as well. You should be able to give account for whatever you do to another person because of what someone else has done to you. Love is not always what we think, some tend to meet their forever love the first time they are giving it a try while some don’t, some people do not know that the wrong person they’ve met will make them treat the right person well (it is also known as experience), we all have different backgrounds. But most people that have met the wrong people or person in their lives do not want to see the good side of what had happened to them, instead they want to take revenge on the innocent ones and that’s how the trend of vengeance and heart break continues. I’m not here to buttress on that today. Are you the one that has found yourself in this scenario where you found out the person you love so much is a player? And you do not want to let him or her go. He or she might be your soul mate.
Never give him or her authority over the relationship. Let them know you are so happy without them and make it blank and frank when they do something wrong. Be very hard on them. By doing so, you are giving him or her an indication that you are different from those people who go after them. You set your policies and you don’t cross the lain.
Under no Condition should you change who you are to satisfy someone because at the end you will be dumped in the waste bin. It doesn’t matter who you are, when you change from your real self, your value drops right along with the way he or she sees you.
Intentionally do what he or she hates the most. Pretend as if they do not exist at all when you are playing your games to change him or her. No matter what do the opposite but don’t over do it. Players are tough people by experience, they have gone through a lot and they are very intelligent. You need to over ride the way they think to get them to love and settle with only you.
Defeat their expectations. Before he or she thinks about something, have it already done. Surprise them as if you are a real angel. Give unexpected surprise as a token of your love.
Note: Choose wisely what you want to gift him or her, do not invest so much money in this gift because money doesn’t matter to a player, the little thing impress them. Most of time, he or she doesn’t care about your money.
Let them do any stupid thing and remain indifferent. Pretend as if you are not seeing him or her in the act. Be so calm that you don’t even know what you are doing anymore. I know what I’m saying is not easy but it’s very doable. Remember! Virtual calmness is the key, because they really do not exist.


Find something to do. For you not to end up being needy to him or her and destroy what you want to do, you need to be so busy working on yourself. Your life doesn’t depend on this relationship anyway. So, it is not a do or die business. See it as a game if you want him or her to truly love you the way you do or more than the way you do.
What ever you do, do not paint it as if you are desperate to change him or her. Go easy, it doesn’t work in a day. Someone who has been playing for 10years cannot change in a day. It requires patience and consistency.
While doing what you need to do, cross your leg, smile and chill. It will all make sense in the end. After several trials and it does not seem as if it will work out, you have to let go and continue your life. But most of time he or she realizes the love and run back at you begging on their knees. When this happens, do not prolong their punishment. Just accept them and enjoy your relationship with them. 

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