How To Be The Man That Everybody Likes

Everybody wants the best but very few actually meet up to that standard of being the best. You find 35% out of 100% that can be that man that everybody likes. The personality can not be compared, when it comes to being real and sincere he makes a lot of sense. Whenever he talks everyone wants to listen to what he has to say. He picks his words with absolute care because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. The truth is that he doesn’t fake anything when it comes to saying the truth and accepting defeat. His true nature speaks well of him even when he doesn’t alter a word. People love being with him because he is so full of fun, his absence is just like hell. He accepts correction with no grudge attached. All ladies want to compete to be with him whatsoever, they are all attracted to his rareness but he doesn’t look at that to become proud instead he carefully chooses the perfect person he truly loves with no condition attached.  



The way you show yourself to people matters a lot. You don’t have to show all that you are going through on your face. Smile even when it seems so difficult to do. Whether you smile or frown your face it doesn’t change what’s really happening, so, wouldn’t it be better if you are so happy instead, irrespective of what’s going up there in your head put on a smiling face and defeat sadness absolutely. It takes understanding to know that a smile can make you unique. You walk all around with a bony face and you scare everyone away with the little going on in your life. Everybody has one thing or the other going on but we all need encouragement to move on and to stand firm against the issues of life…  


The true nature of man can not be hidden whatsoever. It’s like smoke that you cannot keep. When you fake it, you are confusing yourself and the people around you. They find it difficult to really know who you are and it’s so difficult to move around with people who fake things because you do not know which attitudes they really have. Fake people are primarily dangerous to be with because they are always cunning and they have a hidden agenda.  


Be sincere with everyone but not with a frowning face… You can hide the fact that you are not happy with your current position but do not hide the truth about anything else. When people find you lying, your reputation cannot make it up again. Be sincere no matter what you have to go through for the truth.  


No woman wants to be with a lazy man because they do not have a future. Be hard-working, pursuing your dreams is always primary to you. You wake up at night to fix your next day, everything you do is budget and planned well. You don’t spend time chatting with friends 24/7 for chatting sake. All you do is for the sake of becoming the better you. Not giving up so easily is your best quote.  


It speaks of itself when a man is deadly ambitious. He doesn’t waste time on things he doesn’t need. He burns countless candles to stay awake just to solve problems at work. He works like there is no tomorrow.  


He doesn’t joke with his dressing. His wristwatch doesn’t miss his wrist for a second even when he goes to bed. He loves fashion a lot like his favorite dish. His appearance to everyone counts a lot. He spends time going through fashion magazines to make more out of it for himself.  


What he does last is talk. He listens well even when the speaker doesn’t really make a lot of sense. He still finds a way to interpret what is been said a good way… He wants to learn more than showing what he knows already… He listens to know more not to reply.  


He will never discourage your opinion. He wants you to become the better side of you, he finds a way to support your opinion. You will never regret talking to someone like him. He won’t envy your opinion or idea in secret and discourage you in your face.     

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