How to be a better version of yourself

Have you ever cried over having such a bad character or maybe a family member or close friend has told you how bad of a person you are and the long story of why you should change your character.
Well I’m here to help you show them you are different and better.

*Try to know yourself better. Why are you rude?, Are you hurt? Do you need to speak to someone about it? Some people are actually hurting on the inside and they show it to people around them in form of anger. So if you are hurting or angry, admit it and forgive that person or yourself

*Be Empathetic. Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Try to understand what they are going through. Being thoughtful will help you understand people’s actions

*Think before you speak or act. When you think before acting you’ll be able to review your thoughts and action and you’ll have an idea of what the outcome of your action will be

*Speak positivity into your life and yourself. The words you say to yourself matters more than what people say to you. Speak loudly to yourself, look in the mirror and tell yourself everything you hope someone would tell you. “I am beautiful”, “I am an achiever”, “I will get that job”. Nobody can put you down without your consent

*Don’t say everything you feel when you are angry. No matter how nice you are anger can always have it’s way of making you say all the wrong things but another truth is we CAN control it, you don’t have to speak in anger. Relax, you have alof of things to say but will they really help the situation? Just relax.

*Help people without them asking. If you have friends in need and you know you are in a position to help, just do it. I’m not even talking about financially but like spiritually, psychologically, in different ways and you’ll see how happy you’ll feel being able to make an impact in someone’s life

*Learn to apologize. Some people find it so hard to simply say “I’m sorry”. If you realize that you are that kind of person, don’t let it consume you. Start small, say I’m sorry for the tiniest mistakes you make, say I’m sorry at every opportunity. You don’t even have to be at fault but just to retain sanity. Say “I’m sorry” and actually MEAN IT. What’s the point of apologizing if you’ll just keep doing what you are sorry for. Say sorry and work towards changing.

*Have a sense of humour. Some people are so fond of getting angry at every little thing. Don’t let every little thing people say to you piss you off, it’s a sign of weakness. Laugh at the silliest things, if you didn’t find it funny, turn it into a joke yourself😂, don’t let people get to you. Being able to laugh at things that are suppose to hurt you is a sign of strength, soon enough people will see you don’t get hurt easily and just let it be.

*Stop being so proud. Hmm, how will I say this without hurting your huge ego? I love people that are down to earth but people can’t down-talk them, there is a certain confidence that prompts that and it’s rare. Having self-pride is different from being proud. Self-pridd is being yourself no matter what, being proud us trying to show off or trying to prove something. Just relax, life is already complicated, being proud would not make it easier.

*Be more of a listener than a talker. Listen before you speak, count your words especially in heated arguments. Why? If not for any reason but cause of the fact that people can use your words against you later. So always be ready to defend whatever you say, say what you mean and mean what you say.

*Try to be as mature as possible. Put aside those childish act of yours. You have to realize that you are actually grown and start acting like you are. Show maturity in everything you do. Moderation is maturity, being slow to anger is maturity,there are alot of other ways to show maturity, the more you practice, the better you get at it

In conclusion, being a better version of yourself takes time and it’s not something that will begin to produce results immediately but when you keep practicing, you’ll realize in time that you aren’t who you use to be and you feel the overwhelming awesomeness of growth.

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