How Do You Feel When He Doesn’t Understand?

He comes back home yelling at you, he keeps scolding you for hours and you are waiting patiently for him to let you tell him you love him so much. You keep crying bitterly inside because he doesn’t seem to be the person you got married to. He heard something outside and do not want to understand, it is not his fault because he let his anger have the better side of him. He loves you so much, he trusts you so much, he has invested everything in you but he heard about your past outside. The thing is, you could not tell him because you thought he could not handle the truth. At that moment, you don’t even know where to start because the whole trust you both built is at the brink of destruction because of your past. 

You keep asking yourself, where do I start? How do I go about it? I love my husband. At the end of the day, he could not let go because he truly loves you and, in some scenario, he doesn’t just want to understand, do you think he doesn’t love you in the first place? The truth is that he really does love you so much, but he is not strong enough to overcome his doubt. We are humans with different dynamicity; we are stronger than ourselves, your own end is the beginning of another’s. Having said that, do not be so disturbed because he will eventually understand but might take a little while for him to gather energy and heal up. If the love you both share is true, trust me, he will come back after you begging. True love is indestructible, it is also known as unconditional love. Irrespective of your past, who you are, he will always love you. Another truth is that what doesn’t destroy your relationship will make it stronger. The love you both share will grow bigger and stronger at the end.
So, if he doesn’t understand at the beginning, be patient enough to believe in the true love that you both share. He will come after you sooner or later and beg you for forgiveness. 

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