He Will Not Be Your Eternal Person Unless You Can Speak Openly About These 13 Things.

Below is a list of things that you need to talk openly with your boyfriend if you want him to be your eternal person:

1. You feel annoyed.

If he’s the kind of person who will accuse you of being too emotional every time you cry or try to talk about something serious, then you better tell him right now. If you don’t feel comfortable being open with your partner, your problems will continue to increase until they finally collapse.

2. Your period.

If you’re too embarrassed to stock up on your bathroom cabinets with towels or tampons, then maybe you should start looking for a guy you feel more comfortable with. Menstruation is a natural process. If it acts like a little tissue and the blood is too thick for him to handle, then it’s time for it to grow.

3. Your ex-boyfriends.

Now you don’t have to start talking about how amazing your last boyfriend was in bed, but your current partner should at least have knowledge of the names of the people you dated in the past. After all, they have also played an important role in becoming the person you are today. So it’s definitely worth having an argument or two about them.

4. That you feel horny.

Stop waiting to start the sex. If you feel like you’re in the mood, then you should never see any trouble telling him exactly what to do with you.

5. You feel pain during sex.

It’s okay if you feel like stopping him at any time. If you don’t think you’re having fun, then always make sure he knows. If he really loves you, he’ll never want you to have any kind of pain, especially not for him. And he’ll want you to enjoy sex as much as he does.

6. The things you expect in the future.

Don’t assume you’re both on the same page. He could be living with a wedding dream and babies, and he could be planning on spending the rest of his life alone. And you’ll never know for sure until you really ask.

7. All the embarrassing moments you’ve had in your life.

If you don’t feel right telling him that once you threw up with a random stranger on the bus or the time you fell on the stage in front of a thousand people, who can you really tell? He’s supposed to be the person you’re comfortable with admitting all your deep dark secrets.

8. The way you like to spend your money.

How much credit are you both on? Does your work give you any benefit? How much do you both end up saving every month? These questions may seem boring and irrelevant to some couples, but they are extremely important if you expect to stay with this person in the long run.

9. His views on religion.

Faith can mean everything to some people and nothing to others. If you find that your partner goes to church every weekend or keeps a copy of some religious book at all times or, in general, follows a very specific way of life, then you should probably set a time to discuss how you would want to raise your children. And what kind of weddings they want to have.

10. The way you feel about your family members, as well as friends.

Do you sometimes feel like you hate your mother? Well, I’m not going to recommend that you go tell her what a witch she is, but at least you should have an argument about why you’re uncomfortable with her. Don’t you understand why he’s still friends with some of the people you’ve met? Don’t ask him to stop meeting them, just tell him why they’re not your type. He deserves to know things like this.

11. The things you like and the things you don’t like in the bedroom.

If you’re not comfortable talking about sex, then you shouldn’t have sex either.

12. Every celebrity crush you have.

Celebrities in love are pretty harmless. It’s very unlikely that you’ll meet them, so your boyfriend shouldn’t be angry if you keep owning Zac Efron every time you catch a glimpse of his abs on TV.

13. How you feel about him.

Do you love him? Are you interested in moving in with him? Does he bother you with his constant snoring? He’s not a mind reader. He’s never gonna guess the feelings you have about him. So just be open and explain everything without hesitation.

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