Has He Friend Zoned You?

Generally, there are so many threads of posts on the internet about girls friend-zoning a guy and we don’t even know that a guy can also zone a girl, let me say a reversed role in this scenario. Firstly, let me change some perspectives on the deadly friend zone that we all know. It not like he doesn’t like you, it is just that he doesn’t like you the way that you want him to do. Is there a  possibility that he might be in any way? Sure! But at present, he just sees you as a mere friend and just wants it to remain that way. So many people usually think that it is a bad thing to be given the clue; however, it is really better for everyone that a friend zone does exist. Instead of tirelessly chasing after someone and thinking why he does not like you when he does go out with you and is fine with just talking to you, you need to check for all these signs that they are telling you to stop or else it will just end awkwardly. Lots of posts or articles on this particular topic give Indicators such as ‘he does not really like being touched’. I do not like being touched as well, I have many personal spaces and I will not like someone frequently touching my shoulders. These indicators are genuine as they get and they are little or less cliché and can be a little more realistic.

1. He gives out clues.

So many people will say if someone does not like a person further than just being friends, they should come out straight and spit it out. The truth is that the other person does not directly say it either, they will only give you clues about it. If you go about asking a direct question, what you get in turn is a direct answer. But when you go for a hint, you will definitely get it. The common hint is when he just laughs at your clues. He might not mean it in an offensive ugly way, it is more like “hahaha, this might be awkward, please just stop”. He might end up ignoring your next hint because he doesn’t want to think about it. Do not disturb yourself a lot, he doesn’t want it to happen.

2. He doesn’t want to see anything with romance in it.

Friends on a normal ground hang out, watch movies, and etcetera. It is quite normal but he won’t just to see anything with the subject of romance in it with you whatsoever. This might be more of a macho male thing but he already feels you hit on him and thinks that it could give you the not right impression. He doesn’t want to see anything romantic in anything that you both do together. He has turned a blind eye to them all. To him, romance doesn’t exist with you. At least having it with you so get the simple clue.

3. How he behaves on social media.

Maybe the way he acts up when you two are alone is still giving you the wrong impression that you are not being friend-zoned. It all changes immediately you are more on a social platform. For example, he will always laugh out loud at your silly jokes in person but he seems them so not funny on the internet. Also, he probably not being mean but he wants you to get the message so easy and doesn’t want people to misinterpret anything whatsoever. . .

4. He advised you to go out with someone else.

The definite purpose of this article is to make you recognize the signs that you might be friend-zoned and not even me is certain about anything here, maybe because you haven’t yearned out your feelings about him but the fact is that he gets all your hints. He might not even advise you to go out with anyone but he is just not ready to date you. It’s more like two ways. I hope you get this. He is your good friend and won’t want to be a jerk to you and won’t want to be more than a friend to you as well, he might just come up suggesting you go out with someone else. Like nice and brotherly advice.

5. He puts it to your face and talks about another girl he likes

Taylor Swift said it in the best way, “Tear dropped on my guitar”. It’s all messed up when he likes someone else and also realizing that you are onto him, it’s like hell when he tells you about another girl he wants so badly. You have a helpless thought that it would have been better for you to stay in the friend zone. Even when you are so sure he doesn’t get those hints of yours, but it is crystal clear now that your feeling for him is going nowhere. Because you are scared it will put at stake the friendship so you went about playing in signs with each other. I don’t want you to get me wrong in here, there are also some signs where he knows how you feel and feels exactly the same way you feel about him and in another scenario also shares the exact same concerns you have for the friendship and not wanting to destroy the perfectly good friendship, but the signs are definitely different and if you see those signs displayed in your crush, I will advise you take the first step. You can talk to me So, are you caught up in a ridiculous “friend zone” world? Let me know how to be of help. I know perfect ways to get him back to wanting you. Trust me.

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