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Giving Up Is Not The Same As Letting Go

Sometimes, we hold things so tightly that they do so much more damage than they can ever let go. This is because there is a constant battle between what we feel and what we know, like the famous battle – heart against mind.

Even though we know that it would be best to let go, sometimes it seems impossible. Sometimes letting go seems as if we have failed to make our love stay.

And even the thought of letting go is so painful that we would rather stay somewhere where we do not belong. We would tolerate being unhappy and unhappy, instead of letting go of the one we care so much about.

We are so stubborn and persistent when it comes to making our relationship work that we end up getting hurt even more. We think again and again, when we long for something, that something will change.

Our love will change them and make them realize our value. We think that if we focus on all the good things, then all the bad things will also disappear. But they never do. The only things that seem to disappear are our hopes and dreams.

When we no longer see the solution, we cut the umbilical cord, even if it hurts. We let go because we no longer see any point in staying.

That doesn’t mean we’ve given up, it doesn’t make us quitters. It just means we stayed too long, we tried too hard, and it didn’t get us anywhere.

Giving Up Is Not The Same As Letting Go

Letting go means that we have invested our time, patience and energy, and we have gotten nothing for it. It means that we were with someone who was not willing to put the same amount of effort into us.

It means that they just made things worse. It means we’re tired of fighting and being alone.

It doesn’t mean that we gave up – it means that we let go of someone who didn’t want to stay. It means they were never meant to stay.

It means we let go of someone who never really belonged to us. It’s not giving up, because you can’t keep what doesn’t belong to you – you have to let it go.

It doesn’t mean that we weren’t strong enough. It means that we were stronger than ever.

It means that we were brave, because it takes courage to leave the one you love. Because he’s the same one who hurts your soul and makes your heart bleed.

It means that by walking away from them, we have walked towards ourselves. It means that we have realized that we have our own way to go and the person we are with is just an obstacle on the way.

And that we know deep inside that there are obstacles that have to be overcome. We know that behind them lies a completely different path that we can follow if we would only open our eyes.

Sometimes we are too close to see. If we hold on blindly, we lose sight of the big picture. It makes us focus on the problem, not on the solution.

It makes us hope for something that will never be. We wouldn’t lose sight of everything that could be if we could just let go. Because we never know what the future holds for us.

We know now that we haven’t given up on ourselves by letting go. We know that it means that we have chosen ourselves once.

We chose to make our lives better and happier. It means that we want that inner peace we never had with them. It means that we have made room for better things to come.

That is why we have not given up on love. We gave true love a chance by letting go of the one who wasn’t meant to be.

We gave ourselves a chance at a better life. We gave ourselves the chance to be happy.

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