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Double Dating In Our World Today

Double dating is simply seen as a situation where one is in a relationship with more than one partner. Yeah, it is no longer news in today’s world; it has even become something normal. Some would say they date more than one, just to be on a safer side of love, that is, they are afraid of the heartbreak that comes with losing a partner, and also to make sure they get a serious one out of either of the partners.
But is it really necessary to date more than one person before you will be able to feel secure in a relationship?

But truth must be told, the real reason why people date more than one is not because of that insecurity reason that has been given, that is just an excuse we give for ourselves in order to make us feel better about what we are doing, just want to get some sleep at night right? But this really helps no one, as things start to become more complicated when you go deep into the relationship with either of the partners.

It is mostly done by those who are not yet serious about relationships or are too afraid of the troubles in it for them, but later end up with a double heartache.

Love is something that comes with trust and honesty, when lies are being told then trust has been eliminated as well, without trust and honesty, then you are far from the idea of love. You get physically intimate with more than one person, is that not tiring?

Now life becomes complicated sometimes when you are double dating, from my past experience with friends that do such things, I have come to understand that if one would go into a relationship with another, spend some alone time together and much intimacy with that person too, he/she is bound to have feelings for such person at a particular point in time.

Now, imagine you doing this with two to three people and also sharing feelings amongst them too.

These are some of the consequences of double dating

1. Excess money spending and time-wasting are one of them, as you are entering a relationship with someone especially as a male you tend to offer financial support to that female, imagine doing this for four girls. Pretty tough right? Yeah! That’s what you have signed up for, you will have to divide you time resources including your time so as to feature in these people whom you have entered into their lives, and this can prove to be a very daunting task.

2. Now, you have feelings for four different people, imagine an unexpected heartbreak from two different partners, Whoa! Really bad right? You’re going to be totally devastated and may lead to you taking it out on the other partners which may worsen your present condition. Oh, you don’t want this to happen to you. No, you don’t.

3. Your many partners will soon get to know about what you do, and it can bring you an unexpected consequence.

4. You may end up having feelings for one or two of your partners, if you love one over the other, then you would be in a rather bad situation as you will have to choose between them.

5. You would surely be confused and tell many lies, also living a fake life that could get you in trouble.
Oh, I know you do not want to go through this, really.

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