Do you need to be in a relationship?

This is a question alot of people ask themselves or even ask other people, do you need to be in a relationship? And why? (Or why not?)
I’m gonna help you answer this question.

*Firstly, ask yourself, are you ready for commitment? Commitment is a big deal and If it’s not something you see yourself doing anytime soon, just leave people’s daughters/sons alone.

*Next, are you ready to sacrifice for that other person? Relationship needs alot of sacrificing and it has to be worth it and with the right person

*Next, what is going to be the outcome of that relationship? Not all relationships must end in marriage (and that’s a fact) but you have to be sure that no matter what, you’ll mean well for that person and also for yourself.

*To be in a relationship, the truth is you have to be happy being on your own first.
You have to be able to make yourself happy because nobody can make you happy as much as you can make yourself. Some people believe when they finally get into a relationship, they’ll be able to go on boat cruise with bae,travel to a foreign country but truthfully, that’s not what it’s meant to be. Don’t wait for someone, somewhere to suddenly come to make you happy, be your happiness first and when that person finally comes, you both will be able to share that happiness with each other.

I’m not trying to tell you whether or not to be in a relationship, I’m basically just guiding so you could answer that question yourselves. So many people enter relationships for all the wrong reasons and the relationship just ends up being toxic. Even though they are ways to avoid being in a toxic relationship (read my previous post for this), if you end up being in the wrong relationship for the wrong reasons, toxicity might just be highly unavoidable

*Lastly, are you emotionally prepared? Being with someone is not always as easy as people make it seem, there might beore downsides and most times that person you love will be the last person you want to talk to, so are you prepared?

Okay, so I’m done with this post but as a bonus(for reading to the end), let me tell you the wrong reasons for being in a relationship:

*For money: I’m screaming this! NEVER be with someone for their money. If you are with them for their money, you are just using them, you don’t love them and the money will make you happy (maybe) but the person won’t.

*For their physical appearance: Something definitely has to attract you to a person at first, no doubt. It might be how pretty they are or how tall they are but appearance is never enough reason to jump into a relationship. Get to know them personally, they might be pretty outside but mentally unstable inside and you can’t know by just looking at them.

*Peer Pressure: You might meet this person through a friend or your friend is telling you to be with this person. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t but get to know this person first. It’s never your friend in the ship, it’s just you.

*Loneliness: Being in a relationship is not a hobby. If you are bored or lonely, get a job, make new friends, take up a course, improve yourself. Don’t use people to occupy time or pass time,that’s not how it’s meant to be.

*To feel among: Okay your best friend has a “great” relationship, so what? You are always the “third wheel”, so what? Don’t do that to yourself, my dear. Don’t be in a relationship, so that you can have something to say when your friends are talking about the “Love of their lives” or when they go out with their lovers but you have no one to go with. Stay in your house!!, Watch Netflix and just chill, ALONE.

*To feel complete: My dear, some people rush into relationships because they fill unfulfilled or they want to feel complete but a partner that’s not for you cannot complete you, so what’s the point of rushing it?

These are just a few wrong reasons to actually be in a relationship. Just let love lead.

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