Do not marry him if you see these things.

Marrying the wrong person is a worst-case scenario, in fact it’s a forever pain, scar or stigma that will make you sad for the rest of your life. Remember, No divorce! If you are married, but to some ladies out there who have not yet married, this post is meant for you to be able figure out the right trait in the man you want to settle down with forever. I used to say it is a great sin to marry wrongly because you only marry once and that is one of the norm and acceptable rules of the holy Bible. It is so difficult at times to notice the flaws and wrong deeds of the man you are truly in love with. That’s why I do not doubt this saying “Love is Blind”. You most of times tend to turn a blind eye to the things the man you want to marry is doing wrongly or you don’t even see them at all because you are so much in love. But the truth is that those traits or attributes are the determinants of your success in marriage or being together. He tends to show you virtually all about himself subconsciously only if you can see and take note instead of turning a blind eye. He does them without even knowing, he shouts on you, he wants to hit you but controls himself… E.t.c. These things will show you a lot of things that is pending to happen if you both eventually get along and settle down into marriage. You do not want to end up in pains and hurts and I have volunteered myself to write up this article to help you notice somethings in the man you want to marry and if need be, run for your life!
Are you read? Let’s get on the road
He raises his voice to show displease. If he doesn’t do it to you is even a worst sign but he is always raising his voice to an outsider or even to his siblings or parents. Let me tell you the bitter truth; when you both get married he will beat and hit you severely. Because that’s who he is from the start. You can stay if you truly love him and wants to change him but my advice is may be you should run! before he kills you since you both are not married.
Whenever you need something urgently what follows as his reply is complaints. He doesn’t always have to support you, all you get in return is “I’m broke”. Beware! You are not included in his schedule, he doesn’t care about you that much.
No matter how hard you try to make him happy he does not see it. Instead, he makes life difficult for you. You buy gifts and get no thanks in the end. He won’t value you if you both end up together, you have to run!
Whenever it happens that you both have an argument, he wants to hit you but controls himself to stop. You need to flee from this kind of man that doesn’t know how to control his anger. He will beat the hell out of you if eventually you both marry and misunderstanding comes in.


You will always be the one that spend spend spend. Even to the normal calls that you both have, it has been only you doing the calling calling. That’s how much you worth. You have to run baby!
He is a lazy man. He might end up suffering you in the end. He doesn’t know how to work to support his family. This kind of man can not manage himself not to talk of a whole you in addition.


He doesn’t give a damn about anything. He cares little or null. You can teach him if he doesn’t know how to treat a lady. But If he doesn’t yield to those lessons, you can manage him. Don’t run! That’s not an advice.


All of your dates has been on late hours. You have always been the one on waiting side. He appears 20minutes after the schedule and blame it on something. The truth is that he does not really value the relationship and might not value you in the end.
There is a saying “If it is important to you, you will find a way but if it is not you will find an excuse. When a man says he is busy to the person he loves, you need to be careful because he might not really love you as much as you think. The man that loves you will not say he is busy to you, he will find a way instead.
He points at your beautiful friends. He gives you compliments on your outward appearance only and all other things remain void to him. The truth is that when he finds someone who is more beautiful than you, he will dumb you even when you both are married or cheat on you secretly. Always remember that a beauty hunter man will not settle for one woman. He covets everything. May be you should run!
He lies about everything. He won’t tell you the truth let the whole world pass away. You might change him if you want to try don’t run.

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