Do Not Leave Your Hubby Or Wife, Embrace Your Marriage

Marriage can be so wonderful if peace, joy, and happiness dominate it entirely. When you overlook every slight mistakes and imperfection from your partner when you both live like you have known each other before you actually met and got married. The love that exists between you both is undying and unflinching; no one dares try to quench it. Even the devil has no loophole to come in between you both. But at times the reverse is the case, your married life seems going haywire, everything seems not working and you both think you are not compatible. What if I say you are wrong? There is nothing like compatibility in my own love dictionary if it is true love, then, you both should live happily and peacefully by accepting and overlooking all forms of imperfections.

True love conquers everything, even the Holy Bible is a witness. When you love someone deeply that much, nothing should be able to pull down the mighty castle you have been building for years. Sure, she will show you her vulnerable sides, he will do something stupid at times (you say) but that doesn’t change the fact that you both love each other so deeply and dearly. He will make you cry at times, she will make you lose appetite, but everything you go through is for you to become stronger than before and help the relationship become strong as well because there will be decisions that only strong people can make aside from your relationship. People normally say that those who we love most are those that hurt us most, do you know why? Because you simply have invested so much of your love in them. Divorce will never be a solution because the devil you have known is better than the angel you just met.

Apart from that fact, you fell in love with him, you both got married, you had kids together and all of a sudden you want to desert the family because of a very small mistake or probably a big one (you say)? Do you know that after your first marriage, everything else you get might be fake? You might not find what you felt elsewhere, you might end up miserable. That is why if you are so lucky enough to still be single, be very meticulous when choosing the right partner to marry. There won’t be a real thing after your first marriage. Always say NO to divorce. If you have the power to stop a marriage from dissolving or breaking off, please do it with the whole of your heart.  

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