Crying Over An Ex Can Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that science has proven that an average human being cries around 16 and a half gallons of tears in his or her entire life? It’s like people prefer to hide their emotional status so that people won’t think they are feeble or weak.  There’s an impressive number of people around the globe who are shy to let out their feelings because they are scared of public objection or reaction. However, there is a number of studies that have proven that there are many benefits attached to letting your sadness out by crying. And one of those benefits is weight loss. So, if you are looking for a way to trim or go lean a bit then you should let those tears out of your eyes when you feel like.  Life is always going to play tricks on you. You will find yourself in a situation that will cause you unease. And in those periods you might not be able to help it, you might feel like you should cry out loud. Let’s do more digging about what science has to say about the benefits of crying.  

Take it or leave it Many people might be doubtful of the fact that you would lose weight by crying. I believe there are a lot of people who struggle to lose or burn out calories. It’s like a moving circle with no escape. You are unhappy about everything that’s happening to you lately. You eat and get fatter which weighs you down even more and makes you sadder. It’s like a mission impossible.

How do you expect someone to lose weight when they can’t stop their routines? It’s not a new thing that there’s a stress hormone called cortisol which is closely linked back to obesity, this hormone is activated during stress. But the issue is peoples’ response to stress. Normally stress is attacked by cortisol. But it’s going to be able to work well when human beings also fight the negative energy. Or else, the body will be made to believe it has used up all the calories to fight the stress when it has not.   Science has also proven that emotional tears contain a large percentage of hormones that are capable of increasing the level of cortisol in the body. Whenever we are going through so much pressure and stress, the body produces adrenocorticotropin(ACTH), prolactin and leu-enkephalin. That’s why whenever you feel like crying and you eventually did cry, these hormones are let out of the body and the level of cortisol reduces. Which is not going to let your body retain fat anymore because the stressful situation has done it all. In essence, it all burns down to you making a decision that chemicals and stress hormones that might result in weight gain are let out of your body. And the best way to do that is by crying. Fake crying might not work because you can’t fake crying.  

There is also a better way to go about this whole thing. If you happen to be an actor and you’re able to induce tears while cutting down an onion, it will give you the same positive result. Tears that are gotten as a result of real emotions contain those important hormones. Scientists have also proven that the best time to have a good cry is between 7 and 10 pm of the day. This is likely the time people are with those who they are emotionally tied with or those who they love. Don’t let anyone tell you not to cry out lout whenever you feel like. It’s not about you releasing the tension alone but also about you losing some calories. Just like killing two birds with one good stone. Crying might be good because, in the end, you feel good.

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