CONFIDENCE. What’s confidence? Confidence is self assurance. Confidence is a feeling of certainty, firm trust and faith in one’s self. Confidence is believing in one’s self. The entire world is full of so much negativity that one can’t move without self-confidence. Confidence is not self perfection but self-assurance. The truth is the only way to have self confidence is by having self-love. You have to love yourself, no one can love you as much as you love yourself.
Why is confidence so necessary? Confidence is equivalent to self-love. We need to love overselves because that’s the only way we would be able to appreciate ourselves enough to have confidence in ourselves.
Firstly, confidence is attractive. You might not be the prettiest or most handsome in the room but with confidence and ability to trust yourself you can be whatever you want and be the best in the room. Treat yourself like you know you matter. Let go of that self doubt and see how you become the most attractive in the room.

With self- confidence, no one will be able to down-talk you. If you have confidence in yourself, no one can tell you what you are or aren’t, no one can make you feel the least and you’ll always be able to defend your abilities. Confidence is not being proud or being narcissist but self assurance. You don’t need someone to tell you “you can do it”, you’ll tell yourself everyday. You know your abilities and you’ll show it. You’ll be yourself even when no one will like you. You don’t need everyone to like you for you to be confident in yourself. Confidence is knowing not everyone will like you but not caring about that. You were not put on the earth to impress anybody.

Confidence will help you get through tough situations. If you are entering a contest or trying to write a very important examination, confidence is just as important as preparing for whatever it is because you might prepare and if the adequate amount of confidence is not put you might not be able to put your best or be your best. Confidence brings out the best in us even if we are not the best. You just have to be sure of yourself
   Confidence knowing when to say NO, it is trying again even though you have failed multiple times. So how would you boost your confidence?
Firstly, have a positive mind always. You have to be optimistic in whatever you do. Being a pessimist is a sign of a saddist. Even if you don’t get your goal, an optimistic person will try again or try something else. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can or cannot, be sure of yourself only you know your full ability and that’s a strength not a weakness.

Next, do things you are good at. As a human you can’t be good at everything, you might even not be good at a lot of things but being sure and having confidence, you’ll be able to try so many other things till you find that thing you are good at and that works for you. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Next, spoil yourself. You deserve to be taken care of and you can do that for yourself. Enjoy yourself as much as you can. Get a manicure, have some(alot) of ice cream, go on a vacation. If you’ve been putting all those energy and time into work, put as much into appreciating, loving and treating yourself. You do deserve it.

Next, accept that you and others are not perfect, you make mistakes, but accept responsibility. You are probably someone that makes alot of life-affecting mistakes but you probably don’t know why all these things happen to you. Truth is we all make mistakes and this cannot be measured, mistakes are mistakes, you are not worst than anybody, you are just another imperfect human. So walk with the notion that you are an imperfect human working towards perfection, therefore you are bound to make ALOT of mistakes and that’s okay.

Next, respect your own views and stand up for yourself assertively. Like I keep saying, don’t let anyone tell you what you can do, who you are or why you are the way you are. If there is someone trying to speak like they know you tell them they don’t and show them you are who you are and they can’t change that. Stand up for yourself, show boldness and assertiveness in yourself. No matter what someone tells you, you can’t stop being you and that’s a strength not a weakness.

Next, accept who you are. The first step to loving yourself is accepting yourself as an imprefect human working towards perfection. If you are a bit fatter than your mates and you think it’s a problem, accept it first then work towards changing the situation. If you have anger issues, you have to acknowledge it first before you’ll be able to work towards changing the situation. Accepting yourself is not to say you don’t have things to work on but not letting those things define you.

Accept compliments. You are beautiful, you are worthy of love, you are exceptional. No matter how anyone tells you this, if you don’t learn to accept it in yourself, you can’t accept it from anyone else.

Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Jump at every opportunity to try something you are not used to, this is something only confident people can do. It doesn’t mean you’ll immediately be great at that thing but trying new things is alot of excitement and you have to try it with a positive mind. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

Confidence is showing gratitude to yourself and your abilities. You are worth self love and only you can do that for yourself. You are royalty in yourself, the more you say it, the more you believe it.

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