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5 Things That Kill Relationship Silently

Relationship silent killers! They are never really going to be in your face with their approach to destroy your beautiful relationship. They come in to destroy when you lower your guards and least expect them. They’re quietly working in the background even when you think that everything is going smoothly and fine. They are slowly destroying your relationship without your concept. And that’s the worst part of it. You’re powerless to stop these relationship killers because you don’t know just how important an impact they’re actually making on your relationship negatively.

That is why you are always going to want to maintain a healthy sense of mindfulness and alertness in your relationship. You always have to make sure that you stay on top of everything that is going on between you and your partner. Self-mindfulness will go a very long way in ensuring that you know the ins and outs, all in all of your relationship in a very intimate capacity. The moment that you cease to stay on top of things is when you allow your relationship to die down. It might also be a sign that you’re just taking your relationship for granted or putting in a very small effort to maintain it.
You need to consistently monitor the ins and outs of your relationship by paying a very good amount to details. If at al something eventually goes wrong, you’d be able to tackle it out instantly because you know everything from the start. But in some cases, silent killers remain unnoticed until they start to manifest clearly. You don’t need to be afraid. That’s why I garnished this article all together for a beautiful soul like you.

5 Things That Kill Relationship Silently

1. No good proportion of attention from you

Paying attention to details is very important in any relationship. Learn to take not and understand what your partner is saying. The origin of things going wrong in most relationships is attention. So, take note.

2. You don’t return the favor

What do I mean? You do not love your partner the way they love you. A relationship requires a reciprocating affection to survive through any thin line. You need to know that the very point your partner begins to doubt your love for them, the very point they start to lose interest and trust in you. Learn to reciprocate affection.

3. Time to grow

Someone said, “Relationship is like a plant and needs enough time to grow”. No doubt about the above saying. Before you can get that strong relationship, time needs to set-in adequately. Don’t rush love, please.

4. You are not patient and understanding

A person who is not patient and understanding is simply a selfish person. The only thing they think about is “myself”. A relationship is like a two-sided coin. It won’t be accepted without the other side of it. Only your thoughts and understanding can not make your relationship work. Learn to portray understanding and learn patience. Your partner is not perfect, and so are you. Understanding each other can cover any flaws and indifferences.

5. You want to control them all the time

Do not be overprotective. It was mentioned in a book that the origin of any authoritative partner is overprotective. Your action might eventually lead to being abusive. When you always want to control your partner, a time ill come that they will say “no”. In the end, your relationship becomes abusive because you are already used to controlling your partner. The only thing you want to do is induce a force to make them do what you want. Buff! You begin to maltreat your partner.

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