Cheating On Phone: 6 Signs Of Your Partner’s Infidelity

The ultimate list of cheating on phone hints that will help you identify a partner cheating digitally or get rid of the any doubt.

You need to understands that with the change in things and world, peeple in time have got smarter and wiser. Then, most people rely on physical evidence to find out if someone is cheating on them or not. You tend to look for things like, lipstick on the collar, prolonged office hours and many more in order to catch a cheater.

Technology and advancement has made things a little bit easier and making it more difficult to bust a cheater. The use of mobile phones, tablets, etc won’t let you get them easily.

However, these advancements have lso make it a little bit easier for you to catch them. While it helps them to eradicate some clues of getting caught, they also help you to get them busted as well.

Modern cell phones, social media platforms, spy apps,and other tech companions have made it easy for you and me track our (potentially) cheating partners.

Do you ever have a thought that your partner is cheating on you? You’ve come to the right place if the answer is yes.

Cheating On Phone: 6 Signs Of Your Partner’s Infidelity

1. Over secretive about their phones

In the time of advancements in technology, new age social media, the best way to bust a cheating partner is to notice this factor. When you have no access to your partner’s phone, something is actually wrong. He or she passworded their phone because they don’t want you to see their activities, call logs, social media presence, and messages. Whenever you ask them why they have a password on their phone, they come up with a flimsy excuse.

2. They can rush to get their phone

Pay a very good amount of attention to this clue as well. When your partner runs or jumps over to get their phone as a result of a notification from their phone is also a sign that you have your partner being shared with another person. He or she doesn’t want you to get their phone for them and does not want you to see who’s is on the line. That sounds like more of a secret, I guess. He or she can get out of the bathroom naked to get their ringing-phone. Do you know what I mean?

3. While you sleep they stay awake to chat

Whenever they are with you, a cheating partner will not take phone calls as an option of communicating with their cheating mates. They will sneak to chat at night or stylishly chat on their phone while you are asleep. When you catch them chatting, they’ll say it’s work or come up with something to distract you for busting them.

4. Silly and creepy contact names

It is not news that some cheaters are smart and that’s why there is a need for you to be smarter so that you won’t get used up or get dumped later on. A cheating partner who is smart will come up with a plan to always save their side chicks with names that you will never suspect on their contact lists. You don’t even need to ask them because they’ll tell you it’s a friend you don’t know or tell you it’s someone from work because they are smart. You as a person who knows they are lying will jot down the name and do some follow-ups on it.

5. Wispers over the phone

Remember all those scenes in movies when a cheating spouse (usually a cheating husband) sneaks out from the bedroom to the bathroom and whispers on their phone.

When we see that, we don’t even need to hear what they’re talking about because we already know that they’re probably talking to their lover.

Now, I’m not directly familiar with the real life situation, but I bet there are many partners who practice that kind of communication. They hide and whisper on their phone.

They leave you in bed, watching a movie alone or whatever you’re doing at that moment and they hide somewhere in the house to talk to their lover.

They whisper like someone is going to kill them any second and they can’t risk getting busted.

And when they come back and you ask them what took them so long, they make a lame excuse like having diarrhoea, an urgent situation at work, or a sick family member.

And there you are, stuck in between the real truth and their lies. You no longer know what to believe, let alone what to do about it.

But, there’s one thing you need to pay attention to, which can help you decipher the enigma behind it. If they do it often, then you should trust your gut and be alert.

Also, try sneaking out and following them, but be careful that they don’t bust you instead!

6. There are odd charges on your partner’s credit card

Having a joint bank account has its advantages and one of them is checking your partner’s expenses.

If you notice that they’re spending their money on things that you’ve never received or seen anywhere in the house, then you know the items ended up in someone else’s hands.

Things like jewelry, expensive watches, dresses, etc. Again, we can compare this with movie scenarios where mostly males surprise their lovers with expensive gifts.

Just think of Richard Gere in the cult movie Pretty Woman where he spoils his woman with lots of gifts and special treatment.

ven though no one in the movie is cheating, you still get the point. It’s in our nature to want to surprise and make someone we like and care for feel special.

So, if you notice any odd charges on your partner’s credit card and you know they’re not intended for you or anyone in your circle of people, it’s a huge red flag. But, don’t react too soon.

Leave it be for some time to see whether they bought that special item for you. If not, then initiate an honest conversation and demand to know the truth behind their odd charges and behavior.


I will never advise you to stalk your partner even when you notice that they are cheating on you because it affects you emotionally and health-wise. You don’t need all that because you are a wonderful and faithful person which any wise person would want to have. How do I come into this conclusion? You are faithful and don’t want to get hurt because you noticed a change in your partner’s behavior and that’s why you were looking for this article in the first place.

Listen, just let them go! Lower your guards, a person who cheats on you doesn’t deserve you or your trust. And I will not let you waste your time. The fact that you love him or her so badly and you do not get what you deserve is unfortunate and painful. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to get that happiness that you wanted. Not everyone in our lives has come to stay. Some people came to our lives to teach us some lessons on how to treat the right person when they come.

Always remember that you deserve better, and don’t ever settle for maltreatment, less or pain!

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