Breaking Your Marriage & Relationship Limits.

  1. Pray
  2. Freedom
  3. Different Goals Issue
  4. Understand each other
  5. Forget who is wrong or right
  6. Compliments
  7. Surprises
  8. Quick recovery.

Marriage can be very exciting when everything is going very smoothly. You want to wake up the next morning under the same room with that very person who makes you smile, that person who makes the best part of you. When you have the best partner, a lot of things go very smoothly. However, marriages are faced with a lot of limitations that can eventually cause a terrible end if not properly managed. I will not emphasize external factors really. If you can go over any interior limitations, then outside is pretty much easier to deal with.

Many times, many relationships end, marriages break because of a lack of proper management and carelessness. You do not want that to happen to you. That’s exactly what I’m about to deal with. Relationship Minds are a set of minded people who care a lot about your marriage and relationship.



Many a time, couples find the unnecessary why do we need to pray attitude. I’ve seen couples who hardly pray together. They tend to live their lives based on the default nature of life; What comes their way is what it is. No, a lot of things can be changed when you pray. You need to understand that we all have a source. Praying to your creator can be one effective way to combat marriage limitations, especially when both of you pray together.


Freedom is one of the things that couples are faced with. Let me give an instance here; Mr. B got married to Miss D on a platform of severe persuasion because he is so much in love with her. Eventually, she agreed and then they got married after years of persuasion. Now, after marriage, Mr. B became so careful of everything that he does not to offend Miss D because of the foundation of their relationship.

See, I don’t want to know who you got married to or you are in a relationship with. If you cannot freely express yourself, you better quit before it’s too late. Love is freedom and not bondage or prison.


Obviously, we all have goals and ambitions that we pursue in life. We all have a life to live either you are married or single, you have a personal goal that you are after.

Now, the issue comes in when your goals don’t align with that of your partner. Things that you both want now have a long margin like two parallel lines.

The question is what can you do?

Listen, both of you cannot go a different way. This is where teamwork comes in marriage. We achieve B goals together and go after A goals afterward. This is the best way to align your goals, merge it together and make a list. Tick and move to the next on the list after every achievement.


Your relationship can become immovable when understanding one another is strongly worked on. You can not be selfish, things will go wrong if you do. You do not expect only one side of money to be accepted; It’s called fake! You do not expect only your partner to understand you without you investing any effort to return the favor. A relationship is a two-sided work, one person can not do everything. It requires two persons working hand in hand. I raise you, you raise me makes us perfect.


Generally, we are all configured and let me say trained to look for norms. By default, our main concentration is sought at what is wrong and attach a proper correction instantly irrespective of who you are dealing with.

However, most of these can not successfully paddle a relationship. In a successful relationship, couples are observed to overlook the wrong person. Since we are one, whatever you do wrongly, we did! and I love you. If this is your mindset, you’d be the most adored couple in town because things work pretty much easier for both of you.

Remember, never play the blame game. Do not blame your partner for what they do wrongly. Learn to take it in. You don’t have to say it. The essence of marriage is becoming one, never forget that. What she does is what you did, what you do is her move as well.


Women are the creation of compliments. As a man of the relationship, you need to understand this theory. Whatever she wears, she’s always excited to hear what you think of her dressing sense. In this picture, don’t be afraid to point out things if you have a very high fashion sense. Compliment her dressings like; “Baby, I like the red lipstick on you”. Little things like this can make a very big ocean, even though they seem like a drop of rain.


If you don’t want a surprise package, raise your hands. I guess virtually everyone loves that. That is why there is a tangible need to do it. Buy him or her gift unexpectedly. Many couples after five to 10 years of their marriages, they tend to stop doing what they started with before they finally got wedded. You do not want your partner to lose interest in you. So, you need to do unexpected things for them. Make their hearts wark! wark! for you. Surprise them!


Has your relationship or marriage gone so wrong that you think that it’s not repairable?

That’s a big lie. Let’s come down to what might be wrong here;

You changed – when I say you changed doesn’t mean as a person or in the sense of your personality. I am talking about the source of your relationship. How do I mean? It simply means that you’ve ended the way you built your relationship. Some men started their relationship with true love and no secrets. Then, later on, you started keeping secrets after marriage, how do you want her to keep with the change?

Make sure you keep with what you started your relationship with. If you started by enticing her with money, keep with it. That is why what you start your relationship with is very important.

Check your relationship and amend this part. As this is the origin of most problems and limitations after marriage.

A wise woman checks the properties of a man she wants to marry and deal with it by going for a yes or no. You can not suddenly change those properties and characteristics of yours after getting her hand in marriage. Never!

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