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Be With Someone Who Cannot Afford Losing You

Thantophobia (n.) the phobia of losing someone you love.

With the mighty population of the world, it is almost impossible to guess your soul mate. It is impossible for you to date them all and decide who is the best match for you.

But it is possible to find someone worthy of your time and attention.

You can be with whoever you want, but the idea is to find the one who stays. Why go through the whole process of letting someone in, only to end up with a broken heart again?

The catch is you have to let him in all the way. You have to be willing to bare your soul to him.

I know it sounds scary after all you’ve been through, but trust me on this one.

Show him your scars, show him your wounds and let him kiss them and let him heal. You can have fun with anyone, but can you show your true self to anyone? I didn’t think so.

Give up chasing players, give up giving time to the wrong men, go after the silly guy who’s afraid of losing you. This guy’s not like the others.

The one who’s afraid of losing you will never be able to stay mad at you for long. He may be angry about something, but his fear of losing you will always be stronger than his anger.

Instead of being with someone who lets you go so easily, you should be with someone who is afraid of seeing you at someone else’s side.

Be with someone who can’t stand not talking to you or not knowing what is going on in your life.

Be with the man who would do anything to keep you, who is proud of you and your achievements;
with the guy who knows your worth even on your worst days.

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Stay with someone who knows your demons but is not afraid of them.

Choose the man who respects you more than anyone else in this world and who values your opinions.

Stay with the man who never tires of you and who always seduces you, even if you are wrinkled and old. Be with the man who never gets tired of telling you how beautiful you are or how much he loves you.

Make him brave and let him fight for you – you deserve it.

You deserve someone who would go to war just to have you by his side. Many kings have fought wars to have their love. You are as worthy of such a fight.

Forget about wasting your time with men who only see your looks. Rely on the man who’s willing to tear down your walls so he can see your scars and love you for it.

Be with someone who kisses you wholeheartedly – your body and soul; someone who is proud to have you in his life and who thinks you are the greatest blessing in his world.

With someone who puts you at the top of their priority list, someone who actually gives a damn about you.

Be with the man who’s afraid of losing you. With the guy who can’t imagine spending the rest of his life with anyone but you.

The guy who won’t let you go no matter how hard you push him away.

Be with the man who’s fighting for you.

Because life is all about consistency. And the guy who’s scared of losing you will never do anything to hurt you.

He won’t make you empty promises, he’ll put his money in your mouth and do everything in his power to make you the happiest woman in the world.

The guy who’s scared to death to lose you is gonna stay, for you, for him. This guy will choose you day after day, year after year, life after life. Stay with this guy.

You deserve to be loved the right way, you deserve to be loved like that.

And even though he may be afraid of losing you, I can promise you, you don’t have to be afraid of losing him. He’s not going anywhere.

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