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An NSA Relationship: 9 Reasons You Should Give It A Try

An NSA relationship or No Strings Attached relationship means that you’re sleeping with someone without the assumption that it’ll lead to a serious romantic relationship. If you’re in an NSA relationship with someone, it isn’t cheating if he or she sleeps with someone else. It’s an open, casual relationship.

You’ve probably already heard of the NSA relationship (also known as “No Strings Attached”), and I suspect that you don’t think much about this kind of arrangement. You probably think life is too short for “meaningless” relationships, that is, relationships without depth or commitment.

An NSA relationship (“No Strings Attached Relationship“) is an open type of relationship. When you are in this type of relationship, you can sleep with another person, and it does not mean that you have cheated. In fact, you can be involved in an NSA relationship and never turn it into something that resembles a romantic relationship.

But let me tell you that there are rules you can follow in an NSA relationship that can actually make you happy. That an NSA relationship can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you if you play it smart and right, and that it is perfectly normal today to be involved in relationships like this.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s perfectly acceptable if you don’t consider yourself an NSA relationship type. You might get too attached too quickly and don’t want to risk falling in love with someone who is only temporary. Or you simply cannot separate sex from your feelings, which makes you an all-or-nothing type.

Either way, the kind of relationship you seek and feel comfortable in is entirely your choice, and no one has the right to judge you because you respect and value your personal boundaries. But before you give up NSA relationships without even giving them a real chance, you should think realistically about them – about their advantages and disadvantages and about their worst and best scenario.

Of course, an NSA relationship won’t make you satisfied unless that is what you really want. Remember that this is not a type of relationship you should enter into just to please the other side – both partners should be aware of what they’re getting themselves into and both should really want this type of relationship. Any other way of being a part of an NSA relationship is unfair and it puts you in an emotionally submissive position because you’re hoping for a change that won’t come, while simultaneously settling for breadcrumbs of someone’s attention.

However, it is completely different if you consider yourself cut out for an NSA relationship, but you avoid it because you think it’s not appropriate or right. If you put away all of your prejudices and fears about what others might think of you and your morals, you’ll understand that you should definitely try an NSA relationship –it might just change your view on love and relationships in general.

NSA relationships might be right if you’re a naturally busy person.

It’s unfortunate that there are only 24 hours in a day. If you’re career-oriented, you might not have a lot of time to invest yourself emotionally in another person. But that doesn’t mean your love life should suffer. With NSA, you can get all the benefits of a physically intimate relationship without worrying too much about dating, or meeting the parents, or whether or not kids will be in your future. It’s also a lot easier to break off an arrangement if you feel the need to, since everyone involved in a no strings attached relationship knows it’s possible that it’ll end with little notice.

If you try to have an NSA relationship with a friend, you may risk the friendship.
Many people have their very first NSA relationship with a friend with whom they want to test the water. With a friend a certain trust and knowledge has already been established, unlike someone they may have met online. This is probably the reason why “friends with benefits” is often a synonymous term with no strings attached.

It is normal and healthy to meet a friend, but you need to be prepared for the relationship to officially change. Even if you promise that the sexual stuff will not affect your friendship, it will only make your interactions with each other a little different. Some people can remain friends after participating in an NSA relationship, but a majority might find it a little strange to go back to the way things were before.

Sometimes you just don’t know if an NSA relationship will work for you until you’re actually in a relationship. They can be incredibly empowering for people who look at sex in their spare time, but have the potential to cause some heartbreak for people who feel that love is an important aspect of a sexual relationship. Whether or not an NSA relationship is right for you is something you can best answer.

But don’t think I’m going to leave it at that, because I’m going to give you a few good reasons to try an NSA relationship:

An NSA Relationship: 9 Reasons You Should Give It A Shot

1. It’s something new

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Yes, my first argument is that this is something new. We have been consumed by the idea that only one kind of relationship actually works, but that is actually far from the truth.

In fact, people all over the world live the happiest moments of their lives in unconventional relationships where most of us could never imagine that we live in such a relationship. But we never stop and ask ourselves why we chain ourselves into these imaginary social norms.

Why can’t we get out of the box and out of our comfort zone? Is living by the book something you are really comfortable with? Or are you afraid of being judged?

If you look honestly at your life to date, the truth is that you have not yet had the opportunity to actually engage in something new like this. You may not even know it yet, but deep down you probably feel that you are more than ready for a relationship that is all about fun and mutual enjoyment.

2. It’s good to have a break from the dating scene

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Let’s face it – modern dating isn’t always all fun and games. In fact, in most cases, it can get quite tiresome and exhausting.

Yes, all of us want to look for our perfect match. However, there are times when this search drains you both emotionally and physically to the point that you need a break from the dating pool, otherwise you’re going to snap. After so many heartbreaks and so many misunderstandings, you being confused with your emotions and so on, this is finally the right time to take a break and try out something that is out of your comfort zone. You have to let your heart heal properly and, for a change, let it breathe.

I know that this is best achieved by taking care of yourself, but you will get to the point where you will crave human affection, even if you haven’t healed properly. For that same reason, an NSA relationship would be the best choice.

Of course, being single has its awesome sides, but the truth is that in most cases, it can keep you happy and satisfied only up to a certain point. Sooner or later, your desire for someone’s presence in your life, for physical touch and intimacy, grows. This might be where an NSA relationship comes in for you.

This is where most people usually make mistakes – when they think that this craving for human affection is actually a desire for a serious relationship and a sign that they’re ready for it. However, I’m positive that you’ll know better – that you’ll realize that your wounded soul is still not ready for commitment and that an NSA relationship is just the thing for you.

3. You can be completely honest about what you want

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One of the biggest advantages of an NSA relationship is the fact that you have the opportunity to be completely honest with your partner at all times. You don’t have to play mind games or walk on eggshells around them – you speak your mind whether you like it or not.

When it comes to real relationships, there is always a little fear creeping into you when you have to look your partner in the face and tell him that his behaviour bothers you and what you expect from him instead. This is not the case in an NSA relationship.

It’s not that you don’t care about the other person’s feelings or that you want to hurt them intentionally, but the truth is that your needs come first. They want to make this experience as pleasant as possible for you, and you will do everything in your power to achieve this.

For this to work, you must communicate whatever you want and need from this relationship, and that is why it is so easy to say openly and honestly what you are missing, if anything. For example, if you want more sex, say so too. And if you need more space, say so too.

Don’t be afraid to appear too desperate because you want to establish some basic rules in this relationship or because you are looking for your own advantage. On the contrary, your partner will only see you as mature enough to tell you how to get what you want, and that is nothing more than a plus for you.

4. You have more time for yourself

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Another reason you should at least think about trying an NSA relationship is the fact that it gives you an opportunity to focus on yourself more. Now you have the chance to redirect all of the energy and time you would normally spend on your partner on yourself.

No, don’t worry, there is nothing selfish about putting yourself first. The truth is that we’re extremely busy people and commitment just adds to our already-busy schedule.

In an NSA relationship, you have the full liberty to adjust it to suit yourself and your own time. If you’ve had a busy week, no one is going to get mad at you for canceling the plans you made. Or if you both have a couple of hours free and you end up meeting up, then that’s totally fine, too.

NSA relationships really are flexible and leave you much more time to work on your career, spend it with your friends and family, or just relax and take a nap – whatever makes you happy. The bottom line is that you’re not obligated to rearrange your schedule according to someone else’s, nor should you feel guilty when you can’t make room in your life for your partner. That is the beauty of an NSA relationship, but that doesn’t mean an NSA relationship could work for you. What if you are a person of great faithful and gut triat? Trying an NSA isn’t going to be bad as well.

5. You don’t have to explain yourself to others if you end it

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In my opinion, the worst part about breaking up is when everyone starts asking me why and how we broke up, making it only more painful and harder for me to deal with it. But when you end an NSA relationship, there shouldn’t be a problem with this. No strings were attached and whenever someone asks you why you split, you just say that it wasn’t anything serious or that you were just “sex buddies’.”

Besides, in most cases, your friends and family won’t even know about your NSA relationship. It’s not that you should be ashamed of your choices, it’s just that you’re aware that this person won’t stick around, so what’s the point of introducing them to all of your loved ones? But in th end, an NSA relationship is all about youself and nobody else have to come to know about the fact that you are in an NSA relationship.

6. Ending it is easy

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At least it should be easy. When you set the rule that you two won’t engage emotionally in your relationship and that you are going to break it off as soon as one of you starts feeling something more, then breaking up this relationship won’t be that hard at all. I know that you two will probably make a lot of wonderful memories, but that doesn’t mean that you should feel sorry for leaving them. NSA is there to make pleasure easy.

When one of you decides to call it quits, there is no resentment or grudges. No heartbreaks, no need for closure, no emotional baggage… nothing more than a clean cut.

And the best part is that you can always stay on friendly terms with your ex after you decide to end your NSA relationship. After all, neither of you hurt or damage each other.

But, what if you have no power over your emotions in the course of putting an end to your NSA relationship? What if you are already attached to this person within the course of your NSA relationship? Life might be two sided, looking from one direction might make what you know “not working”.

7. An NSA relationship is way more sustainable

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For some reason, an NSA relationship lasts longer than a normal relationship with real emotions and attachments. This is because you have a set of rules at the beginning of the relationship and both agree only on physical pleasure.

And if there are no emotions involved, you cannot be insulted or hurt so easily. You obviously like this person very much, but their opinions, words and actions cannot disturb or offend you so much that you break up with them.

Isn’t that amazing to be in an NSA relationship? I’m not also saying my answer is yes to that question. I’m only asking you. Smiles, but you two can literally be apart for months and still sleep with each other when you see each other without asking questions or making excuses. It’s that simple. Do you think an NSA relationship is actually easy to get on and deal with?

8. You pick up valuable relationship experience

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Apart from all these advantages of an NSA relationship, the best thing about it is undoubtedly the fact that you actually learn a lot in this kind of relationship. It offers you a new experience of the opposite sex and romance, and it gives you the chance to learn many valuable relationship lessons.

An NSA relationship can help you realize what you want from life. Are you ready for a commitment? If you are not ready for commitment, then an NSA relationship is for you. Or would you rather stay single?

What kind of person can you imagine to be next to you? What is it that you want from a relationship and what do you not want? These are all things you probably won’t know about at the beginning of an NSA relationship, but I assure you that when you end it, you will have all the answers.

9. You get all the upsides of a relationship without any downsides

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What is particularly great about an NSA relationship is that it is a romance and a relationship without relationship problems. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Well, because it can be – if you just play your cards right.

When you’re in an NSA relationship, you have someone to cuddle with, someone to date, and someone to sleep with. But you don’t have someone nagging you because you don’t pay enough attention or you’re jealous because you heard from your ex.

Basically, an NSA relationship is a win-win situation. You just have to be smart enough to use it to your best advantage.

In Addition

An NSA relationship is a good way to educate yourself about your sexuality.
Sex is a natural part of life and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are open to exploring your own sexuality and are more concerned with the physical than the emotional aspects of a relationship, an NSA relationship could be good for you. Every sexual partner is a little different. Sometimes you may love someone but not be sexually compatible, which is a difficult situation to manage. If you have one or two NSA relationships before you settle down, you can learn about your special preferences and your sexual drives, which are an important part of your personality.

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