A Write Up To A Person Who Did Not Give Me The Love That I Truly Deserved.

This Is My Message To You

I really loved you, yes I loved you a lot and got burned inside in return. I did not want to give you a space in my heart in the first place but I remembered trying is not that bad at times but you proved me wrong once again. I am the person who would sacrifice anything for you. I used to be up in the middle of the night sleepless because of you, us; it repeats every time you are not feeling too well, every time we had little fight or misunderstanding. It was quite difficult to do a second without you or having the right stand with you. I can laugh at every funny and not funny thing you say or do. I am that person who would hear every little message you pass to me and will take note diligently. I really wanted a gem but not an ex. I do not plan to let you go but you wouldn’t treat me the way that is right all because I so much cherish you and respect you. I gave my all but to you I was just an opportunity and not a person. I will not regret meeting a person like you though you are one of my greatest pains because I invested my best. I will not cry because you are a lesson as well. I didn’t get what I deserved so I left, no! You left me for someone. I remembered the day you promised never to leave me whatsoever but I believed you and “take it so slow”. In the end, you blew my trust in the air, not for you alone but for the next person I meet now or in days or years to come. I also remembered when you left me at your apartment to visit a friend in the next door for hours. That day was one of the creepiest days I had experienced in my entire life to date. Though, that is a bad record you broke but at least I can forever remember you for something forever. Those times I saved for months to buy you a gift you would not appreciate in the end. I used to starve myself / deprived myself just to create a nice memory you wouldn’t record eventually. I sat down and concluded that “I was a fool for love”. I really want to be happy and I want you to be happy as well. I couldn’t take all those missed calls and not replied messages anymore. So, I stopped hoping for something that wouldn’t happen in the end. I guessed you did what would make you happy and I am going to do the same now and forever. Be nice. Be happy. Be loved. 

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