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A Letter To My Mother Who Was Always There For Me

Dear Mother,

I know that you know that I love you and that I would give my life for you, but I have a strange desire to put all my emotions and thoughts on a piece of paper.

I want this letter to always remind you of me and how much you mean to me.

To be honest, I didn’t think much about motherly love until I became a mother myself, but now I know what every mother has to go through to bring a child into the world and raise him.

Now I finally understand the sacrifice you made to make me happy. I understand that your life has changed since you found out you were pregnant.

Your body has completely changed. You couldn’t sleep well. You threw up every morning, and you couldn’t enjoy life the way you wanted.

And when you gave birth to me, you put me first. You forgot to take care of yourself. Instead, you took care of me.

You knew you were the only person who could give me everything I needed, and you selflessly gave me all your love.

You ignored your own desires because you had a child who depended entirely on you. You gave me everything I needed to grow up to be a happy and satisfied child.

You have given me so much, Mother, and there are no words strong enough to say how much I love you and how grateful and blessed I am for what you are in my life.

Thank you for every night you spent with me while I was shivering with fever. Thank you for making my favorite dishes when I didn’t want to eat anything else.

Thank you for understanding, love, support, love and sympathy. Thank you for being the best mom a person can wish for.

I just want you to know that you did a great job, and thanks to you, I am the woman that I am today.

You’ve put so much effort into making me the strong, quality woman I am, so now I can take care of myself. I don’t need a man to finish me because I’m good in myself.

I know how much I bring in, and no one can take that away from me. Thanks to you, Mom, I’ve become a woman who won’t let any man abuse her and abuse her.

You taught me that a man should respect a woman and that in love both partners are equal.

You also taught me that forgiving is human and that if I do not forgive people, they will not forgive me either.

You wanted me to learn all these valuable life lessons and use them in my life.

You always hoped that I would be the woman you would be proud of, and I really believe that you can do it, because I do my best to be the best version of myself and to remember your words in every difficult situation.

You know, Mom, so far I haven’t been able to understand some of your actions, but as I get older, I see that you’ve always been right.

You were right because you had life experience, and I didn’t want to listen to you then.

That’s why I want to apologize. I was a teenager, and I thought I knew what was best for me.

I thought that you were just jealous of the life that I had and that you just wanted to leave me in the house. At some point, I thought you really hated me.

But now I see that you did all this for my well-being.

Every time you told me to skip the party and stay home to get ready for school, you actually thought about my future.

Every time you told me not to sweat in little things and that I didn’t have to worry about the boy in my life, you really wanted to teach me that life is not just one person, but the right one.

And you wanted me to take the time to meet him and marry him instead of marrying the first guy I ever met.

You always wanted me to rely on myself just because that way I could be a strong and independent woman.

And I’m glad I listened to your advice (I had no other choice) and organized my life in the best way possible.

Now that I have become a mother myself, I finally understand how great motherly love is. Now I see all the sacrifices, tears, anxieties, and mixed feelings.

I feel what it feels like to let someone you have carried under your heart for nine months go into this cruel world.

I finally understand all your anxieties and sermons about things I couldn’t understand then.

Now I understand that you wanted all the best for me, but I was stubborn enough not to listen to you.

I’m so glad that you were persistent and strong where it came to me and that you were able to lead me on the right path. It’s something for which I can never thank you enough.

After all, I want you to know a couple of things: I want you to know that I love you to the moon and back, and that I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

I am grateful that you are in my life, and I hope that we will spend more amazing years together.

Mom, thank you for being my biggest fan, my evening call, my human diary and my best friend.

Thank you for your unselfish love and support, and most of all, thank you for believing in me so much.

If it weren’t for your faith in me and your words of support, I would never have achieved what I have achieved so far.

You have always been, are and always will be my best friend!

I love you more than you can imagine, and I just hope that God will give you a long life that you can spend surrounded by people who love you.

Mom, thank you for every kiss, every hug and every word of support. It meant more to me than you can imagine.

Thank you for never giving up on me.

Mother, thank you for everything. I always love you…

You wanted me to finish school and find a decent job, so I wouldn’t depend on any man in my life. You wanted me to be my own boss and learn to deal with my own problems.

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