9 Things To Do To Avoid Heartbreak

Heartbreak is painful. There’s just no advice or words someone could give to you to make the experience easier to deal with. Almost everything sucks when your heart is broken. It’s always going to be difficult to go through. But it comes with the danger of falling in love. Anytime you want to open up your heart for someone, you are also opening your heart to the chances of getting hurt.  However, you still have an option to reduce the risk of getting hurt. You shouldn’t let off your whole guards whenever you open up yourself to love. Don’t recklessly yonder into a relationship with anyone. You still need to protect yourself, it doesn’t matter how much you trust this person. You should take adequate precautions so that you won’t get hurt so badly later on. Here are ten things you should place in order to avoid heartbreak.  

1. Manage your expectations.

You should not expect heaven and earth from your relationship. You need to be real enough with your expectations’ radar. The more you raise your expectations the greater the disappointments and emotional pains if it doesn’t go your way. Learn to manage your expectations.  

2. Be honest with yourself and your partner.

You need to be honest with yourself and your partner. Learn to open up, your partner can not really know what’s going on in your mind if you don’t open up. Your expectations will be lagging behind if you don’t communicate with your partner in a clear and honest way.  

3. Be realistic about your chances.

You should always learn to be hopeful with whatever relationship you find yourself. However, it can not be baseless or blindfolded optimism. You are only preparing yourself for disappointment and failure if your chances are blown out of proportion.  

4. Be ready to compromise.

You need to be ready to compromise whenever you are in a relationship with someone. Relationship will have to be two persons coming together as one. If you want the best out of a relationship, you will have to adjust to merge with each other because it is not about you alone.   

5. Do not have sex right away.

It might be difficult for your early relationship to survive so long if you start to venture into sex at the early stage of the relationship. It’s like you access too quick in a biased manner. Though there are many couples that last long after having sex at the early stage of their new relationship. But your case might be different.  

6. Take note of how they react to stress.

You will definitely want to be at your best when things are going quite alright with you. However, your true color manifest when you go through little stress. So, take note of how your partner react to stress.  

7. What your family and friends have to say might be important. 

Though you are always going to be the one to make the final decision but always pay attention to what your friends and family have to say concerning your relationship. You want to open up your mind to other perceptions. They might be seeing some things that you might be missing out on.  

8. Check on each other. 

Learn to get involved with your partner’s life, you need to check in on each other regularly. You shouldn’t keep your feelings and emotions to yourself alone, do share them with your partner. Remember! Communication is the Key. Don’t let your carelessness drive you both apart.  

9. Do not be scared to walk away.

The number one thing in any relationship is being true and honest with yourself. Whenever you notice that your relationship isn’t going anywhere, don’t be afraid to walk away. There’s no point in forcing things that are not meant to be. The earlier the best for both of you.

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