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9 Signs Your Woman is Dearly and Deeply in Love With You

She is a queen who believes you to be her king. Love is so complicated even for those that have been into it for a long while. More also, human behavior on its own is an intricate joint of facts and realities. Putting all these things together, it can be difficult to be sure if the emotions someone is portraying are of love or not.  We tend to express the fountain of love differently, respectively of gender and age; normally because the emotional responses in charge of love differ. Women tend to do it than men and vice versa. Love is awesome yet a very scary emotion. It is obviously shown when a woman is in love, you can easily figure it out no matter how mature, or sensible of her life she is, you will get to observe series of changes in her behavior or personality which shows that she is so dear in love. She might behave like a child or the wisest; sometimes she might be so loud, as at times she might be silent about it. She might put on some certain behaviors all because she is madly in love with you. I have successfully listed 9 signs that a woman is so in love with you. These signs are usually observed by the man himself to be sure if she’s truly in love with him or not, or can also be observed by her friends.  

1. Shy behavior

It’s usually a common feeling to have a butterfly-ish kind of sensations fluttering around in your stomach when you are with someone you are deeply in love with. It’s very common among women because they are more sensitive.  It can be so obvious when a woman is with the man she’s in love with, you as a friend to her or the man in the picture starts to notice some changes in her. She’s becoming shy all of a sudden around him, to maintain direct eye contact with the man becomes so difficult for her, she begins to have funny body postures, she won’t be able to stand well on her feet when talking to him, etcetera.  These shy body languages are signs that she’s deeply in love with someone or the man in the picture. She is giving so much room for her feelings and it’s making her shy. Most women won’t be able to control this sign no matter how confident they are.

2. Giving the man presents with no reason  

It’s not new that love is giving. The exchange of gifts is termed as a gesture of love. When a woman is in love, she buys presents for the man with no reasons attached. It doesn’t matter the cost of the gift, but she would invest her time to pick the best for him, this cannot be anything else but love and care.  All in the name of love she does those random acts of kindness. You might be getting a gift from her but she just want you to understand that you mean so much to her.  

3. childish behavior in front of the man she loves

Love can force strange behaviors and personality out of us. In the case of a woman, she can start acting childishly in front of the man she loves because she tends to believe that he can be cute being around her. Mostly, shy behavior means cuteness. She will try to project exactly how she feels with her innocent words and actions which is true and pure. A lot of people believe that it can make a woman attractive but it’s natural on her own side to be over-excited and jumpy around the man she loves.  

Most times, putting on a childish act might end up making her look more silly which in turn makes her a special someone beam a bit with joy and surprise. Her childish behavior might as well make her loved ones to be more interested in her and also curious as to the type of person she might possibly be. In the end, the man in the picture would want to know more about her as a result of her childish act. A childish act is so attractive to most men out there. Men love drama and the childish act can produce a lot of good fruit when an attraction is concerned.  If at all she doesn’t have feelings for you, she would not allow herself to be that childish with you anymore. Because in the end, the only thing that fetches out those behaviors in us is love.

4. She wants to know more about the man

On a normal platform, when you are in love with someone, you want to know more about that very person; wants to know what they like and what they dislike, what turns them on and off and so on. When a woman is in love, she takes into detail everything about the man in the picture, she wants to know his likes, dislikes, interest and every little and big thing about his life. Whenever a woman shows interest to know everything about a man’s life including his lifestyle and questions regarding his routines, it definitely means that she is in love with him. Thus, she might plan to be in his future as well. It is not that anytime a woman asks you about your personality, that she’s deeply in love with you. But when she is, she will get to know you more in a way nobody tends to understand except her. She tries to get sexy; talking to you in all kinds of manner. She just wants to dig you to know what you like and why you do.

5. Begins the conversation

Generally, women like to initiate a conversation, nothing personal though, but they believe that it’s the man’s duty to start a conversation. Most men do not know that when a woman starts a conversation with them, be it face to face or over the phone, she’s interested in you and your life. Though might not necessarily mean that a woman is in love with you but in different combinations, it can be true that she’s in love. Therefore, every man should know that it requires so much courage for a woman to initiate a conversation and they should appreciate her courage if she ends up doing so. She will start talking to you more than she talks to others. Try to notice the excitement in her voice when she talks with you. She’s going to be free with you. 6. She Shows interest in every single thing that the man does   Another good sign is that the woman finding herself interested in everything that the man does. If a man plays the instrument, she will find herself wanting to know about the guitar. If the man likes football, she ends up wanting to watch football with him, etcetera. She doesn’t like those activities because she begins to find them interesting but because the man she loves is into those activities. We make exceptions for those that we care about even if we are never interested from the onset. Even though she has never been ready to know anything about the guitar but she’s there asking you how to play the G chord on the guitar and that’s because she just wants to do everything with you. She doesn’t want to be left uninformed in your world. Merely you talking about those activities to her makes her happy seeing the expression on your face when talking about them, and she wants to know why you like those activities. So, if a woman shows interest in your daily activities, she’s probably in love with you. Why would she waste her time in the first place? For friendship? Nope Nope Nope, I – don’t – think – so!

7. Putting in more effort to impress the man physically  

She spends more time on her makeover, she doesn’t want to look shabby whenever you are around. She wears the best perfume and trying all she could to look nice because you are around. She’s trying hard to make you notice and get your attention if you are not yet in love with her.  She tries to build on her features to get noticed by the man in the picture. It’s a natural phenomenon for a woman to entice a man to love her if she has fallen in love with him. She’s always curious to hear your remarks about the way she looks, your opinions become what she builds on. She’s extremely happy when you compliment her about her outward appearance things like; “I like the way you smile…”, “Wow, you are so beautiful…”, etcetera.  

8. Looks happier when she is around that man

She would laugh over every funny and not funny thing the man says. She is extremely happy around the man in the picture, she will smile a lot and look stress-free; because stress doesn’t exist when she’s with him. She simply enjoys the company of the man. The happiness indicates that she’s is just comfortable being with this very man and wants to take things further with him.  Check out for the way she smiles and uses her eyes, a true smile indeed. You will get to know that she won’t be this happy around someone she doesn’t love, it’s only common when she’s around her family but now here you are getting the same gesture from her. So, don’t let it go unnoticed that you really know what she’s saying to you.   

9. She wants to always help the man

When a woman is in love with a man, she wants to take everything concerning him up. She wants to always help him to get things done. She will invest so much to please him. It’s a glaring indication that she’s truly into him. Why would she try so hard to help a man out in the first place if she doesn’t love him? She wouldn’t, even as a friend – you don’t try hard to help someone to that extreme. Expression and behavior might differ, everybody might be slightly different in projecting their advances of love. But my words for a man who gets these advances from a woman who is in love is to be very honest and straight forward with the woman. Don’t take advantage of her if you are not interested. Tell it to her face, let her cry and get over you. Don’t be a jerk who is afraid to hurt her in the present and end up hurting her badly after that the love has grown wild. I wrote this article to make you know the signs and use them for your favor and not against the woman in the picture.

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