9 Signs You are In A Power Couple Relationship

Life comes with a lot of uncertainties. What you planned might not be what you get. This is also applicable to any relationship. But you might be lucky to be in a power couple relationship where everything seems to be immovable irrespective of what comes its the way.

A power couple relationships is not a one-sided relationship because both couples are ready to stand in any ups and downs.

They are ready to stand by each other to fight through any obstacles or rough times. The fortunate part of it is they always win because their soul and mind are one.

Are you wondering if you are in a power couple relationship? If you want to find out, this article is for you.

9 Signs You are In A Power Couple Relationship

1. You have been through some rough times and stayed together

Many couples out there can’t even boast of going through hard times and coming out of them. If you are in a relationship that no matter what you both pass through, you will come out of it, then you are in a power couple relationship.

2. Your relationship is drama-free

If your relationship is drama-free, you are in a power couple relationship. This is possible because you both understand each other remarkably.

3. You work on your dreams together

Are you both working on each other’s dreams together? In any power couple relationship, couples work hand-in-hand to achieve their goals together. None of the couples will be doing it all alone. They agree and took it upon themselves to achieve their dreams together.

4. You are best friends

That you are in a relationship with someone doesn’t automatically mean that you both are best friends. You can be in a relationship with a dictator or an Authoritative individual who does not care about your personal feelings or life. All that these individuals want from you is yes. Your opinions do not count. But, when it comes to a power couple relationship, your opinions are very important to both of you. You understand each other to an amazing percentage and you both are best friends who aren’t afraid of playing with each other. This type of relationship will survive anything. It will pass through fire and still stand firmly.

5. You always put each other first

In a power couple relationship, selflessness is what reigns because you place each other as a priority. You don’t care about your conveniences before you get something done for each other. Normally, people would say family comes first, but to you, your partner comes first.

6. You make all important decisions together

When you come across any power couple relationships, they don’t make decisions without the concept of their partners. Every single decision made together with either important or no.

7. You are each other’s biggest cheerleader

You always make each other happy because this is what you want to do. Whatever you both want to do, the first question that comes to mind is “How will they feel if I do this or that?”. You always want to cheer each other up with every bit of opportunities you get. You know that whatever you do will in one way or the other affect your partner either negatively or positively.

8. You have had family’s approval from the start

One of those things that you will notice when you come across power couple relationship is they’ve had their family approval of their relationship from the beginning. Nothing is hidden to anyone because they are serious about the relationship.

9. Other people describe you as the perfect couple

You will be surprised by the way people talk about your relationship and make it an example to their own not working relationship because they envy and want a relationship like yours. They will even come to you for advice. Because they want to know what you are doing to have such a beautiful relationship.

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