8 Things Men Are Terrified Of When In A Relationship

It is no longer news that men are born strong compared to women, but when it comes to their relationships shit gets real, and unplanned things happen though a real man will not accept that he can be weak and afraid.

Sometimes men are not even aware of the exact reason they are blocked from moving further in their relationships, but they can feel there’s something stopping them from committing to one girl.

Check out these 8 things that frighten men so deeply, they might be unwilling to trail true relationships at all.

8 Things Men Are Terrified Of When In A Relationship

1. Losing themselves

over my ex

To be real and sincere, relationships take a lot of hard work and time.

Most men believe that spending too much time with their partner will become a hurdle towards the pursuit of their dreams, hobbies, and interests.

If you will be true about this whole thing, you will affirm that a man can lose himself while trying to kill two birds with one stone; He wants to keep his dreams, hobbies, and interest and wants to please his partner. Now, shit gets real. Men are always afraid that being in a relationship will become a vital part of their personality.

2. Losing Out Good Friends

You will want to agree with me that most men who please their women don’t have a friend or either they do have but within the time range of having a partner, they lose them because they couldn’t keep up with the time they spend with friends anymore. I’ve seen guys in a serious relationship where their women want to have all their free time to themselves alone.

One of the greatest codes of friendship to a man is choosing his friends over girls. When a guy gets into a serious relationship, he would prefer to spend more time with her partner than his friends. Which has broken the code of friendship to him. This is why most guys are afraid when going into a relationship.

3. Commitment and emotional attachment

Some guys are amazingly afraid of commitment. Even those who aren’t in the red zone of commitment fears aren’t entirely insensitive to this one. Because they believe that when you are committed shits get to happen. Men hate to be hurt or get dumped, so they avoid being committed and emotional attachment.

This is why men don’t want to be committed to just one relationship: They believe that women are mysterious and uncertain. They believe that their heart can be easily manipulated by a fellow man. So men don’t want to dare to risk being hurt and dumped by women with a flexible heart.

4.(Losing against) competition

Most men are afraid of rejection. Men are even more cautious of rejection that is connected to the lady choosing someone else over them.

This “competition” they are afraid of maybe completely fictional and have nothing to do with reality.

Their jealousy and insecurities might get them to think a lady is picking others over him, and this scares them a lot.

5. Moving too slow or too fast

The act of desperation is a no go area for men. They do not want to look desperate to any lady and they do not want to be too slow for a rival or a fellow man. So this principle works with most men.

Men who want to be committed are not afraid of moving so fast but they are afraid of losing out in the end. Before a man could ask a lady’s hands in marriage, he would have done a lot of research about her past and present. This is so important to him! It doesn’t matter if he loves you or not, he wants to know if you are hiding something before he knots the tie. A man who loves you and wants to marry you will not want to move too fast because he wants the best woman for his unborn kids.

6. Disliking her friends

Men are afraid of not liking her friends. This is like a threat to them. You will want to know why. Now, let me tell you.

Men believe that whenever things go wrong, their women will seek advise from their friends. Men are scared that you might get the wrong advise which might end the relationship.

7. Having no common interests

When interests differ, things go in the opposite. Even the bible says in Amos 3:3, Can two walk together, except they be agreed? The answer is No.

Men are afraid that their girls dreams, goals and interests might antagonize their own pursuits.

8. Change

fight in relationship

Lastly, men are scared of change. Whether you realize it or not, there is a change within the course of any relationship. This is dealing with two different lifestyles merging together to become one. I am not talking about girls trying to change their men on purpose. This change is inevitable. However, some changes can be avoided for the sake of the relationship.

Some men hate the thought of their lives being different than what they are. They have the ways they want to go through the day, and changing this doesn’t seem interesting to them. Change is a necessity of healthy living. Finding the lady that worth it is the main target.

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