8 Tangible Reasons Why He Loves You So Much

Everybody wants the best and there is no doubt about that fact. Nobody wants to settle for less, this fact is a part of the reasons why people work so hard every day to attain the best and live a comfortable life, and it also applies to our emotions irrespective of who you are. That is why you go cold at times; he or she might have stopped doing some certain things you saw in them before you fell in love. The truth is just that you are in love with someone because of their inward and outward properties, either you take it or leave it. Inward and outward properties work hand in hand, in the sense that you love someone because he or she has this beautiful behavior that you want and as well as that beautiful physique (but love should not be primarily based on the outward appearance). The point of emphasis here is that everyone wants to settle for the best. As a lady or woman, at times you get tired of him telling you “I love you with no reasons attached”. The truth is that you want him to mention some tangible characteristics about you, you want to feel yourself and be proud of who you are, but he is not the type of person that would tell you everything he loves about you directly. He is this great guy with very nice egos. You now have this question running on your mind like a racer, the question is what is the reason why he loves me? You might have searched through the internet, but virtually everything you came across wasn’t that appealing or probably they aren’t saying or hitting the point. In this article, I am going to tell you what he loves about you and why you shouldn’t drop the qualities of those things about yourself. Are you ready?


When it comes to men, the very first thing they look at might be your behavior, the way you talk, the way you cat-walk, the way you roll your eyes, etc. but the truth about a man who loves you so much is that he is so much in love with your personality; who you truly drive him crazy and he wants to be with you as possible as he can. Your body’s nice smell could be a part as well, he might be so much in love with it, he might have mentioned it before, maybe you didn’t notice it. No matter what, do not drop who you are for what you are not because he will find who behaves exactly like what you were before you changed and he will leave you for that person who has that your forgotten properties. If you truly want him to yourself forever do not drop your personality.


Has he ever told you, I want our kids to take after you in appearance? If he has said that, it means he is so much in love with your beauty and wants only you to beautify his world. Maybe he has told that you are my world and you did not notice, it is an indicator that he loves the way you look. You don’t want to stop taking care of yourself because you have his assurance already. If you stop look that beautiful, he might look for someone who looks like that beautiful you that you left behind. Take care of yourself like you are single; because people at times or tend to stop taking care of themselves when they know someone out there cannot do without them or loves them. What if he goes cold? You know what? Look good and save yourself from any headache.


You are this type of person that is always happy as a person with or without anyone’s support, he will want more of you every day. He will want to be with you like crazy, he couldn’t afford to miss any seconds with you. He might be so much in love with the fact that you are this happy person who always put on a smiling face. Has he ever told you, I love your smiles? Maybe you didn’t notice, when he says that, he meant it. No matter what you might go through, do not throw a sad face at him, you don’t want to destroy what he loves about you. Try as possible as you can, not to be down in your facial appearance towards him.

#4 – SHAPE

He might be in love with your curves and edges. If he says I like to look you from behind, I like your side view or etc., he might be the type that likes eight shapes and you are so lucky to have it. what do you do? You have to do everything to keep your shape intact, you have to do little yoga or exercise and look better as you can. He loves the fact that you have a nice shape.

#5 – FOOD

The fact that you are a good cook makes him happy. He rests assured that you will give him good food. Has he ever mentioned to you that he loves your cooking? You might probably get a medal on this one, he loves this about you and he will not let you go. He must be a type that has a good taste of nice food.


Has he ever told you that you are brilliant, he might have emphasized that before but you did not take note. He probably likes the fact that you are very smart, you might even be smarter than him and he loves the fact he has a genius as a partner.


The fact that you are submissive and you care so much about him makes wonder if your type still exists. If he has told you before that he likes your behavior, it might be because you are submissive, caring and obedient towards him. Trust me, he will do anything to protect you and be with you.


He might be so much in love with your background and the training you have received from home. He will want to spend the rest of his life with you if you have a good background. He wants a peaceful home and wants to be happy as well. He might not say anything on this point to you but he knows it for himself. What do you like about her?

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