8 Reasons Why You Should Marry Him

At times, it can be so difficult to decide who to marry especially for ladies that all men want. They are very rare and highly demanded by everyone. It can be so confusing to choose the right man to be with. The truth is that men are very brave and are deadly ambitious; they would do anything to get that which they want. So, it is very mandatory for ladies to be very careful, the right man for you might not be cunning enough to do what you expected of him, while the wrong man might be doing everything right. It seems so confusing and if proper care is not considered, the wrong choice can be highly inevitable. The funniest part is that some men would do everything to convince you, they will give you everything you want but when you marry them, they turn you into a slave, make you cry, worthless, turn you into a kitchen maid or cooking robot and you become irrelevant because they are simply the wrong choice.     



One essential property of a perfect man is the ability to be
trustworthy. He doesn’t say something without fulfilling it. You don’t want to
marry someone who will break every promise with you. You want a man that is
true in all his ways including the way he behaves. He keeps everything you tell
him with utmost priority. And he is ready to protect you whatsoever either you
are right, at fault or you are wrong. He is there to prove anyone wrong for you
including himself.  


A man that is kind and caring is always good at heart. He
cares a lot about you. He doesn’t pretend with his care and kindness towards
you, both inside and outside. He will call you tirelessly when you are ill,
check on you from time to time, will even go to the extent of cooking for you just to
make you comfortable. He doesn’t seem to get himself when you are not very
fine. He carefully reads all your actions and helps you out when necessary.

#3 – VALUE

He respects and values you a lot. He always appreciates you
for being a part of his life, he wants you with your originality. He would
discuss you when he is with his friends. He wants you for who you are and
beg you not to change from who you are into something else no matter what. He
buys you gift unexpectedly to appreciate you because he values you.  


He supports you and your dreams. What he does best is
showing you that he is concerned with everything you do. He gives you valuable
advice as if he is your father or brother. He always tells you the truth
whether you like to hear them or not.


You should not marry an impatient man because they are very
bad at making decisions. Not only that, but he also won’t be calm enough to hear you
out. He will always complain to your hearings. He will not yell at you when
you show him your vulnerable side, he will not stop loving you as well, unlike
an impatient man if you do anything wrong, the first thing that comes to his
mind is the thought of replacing you because he is not patient with you and
with himself. An impatient man will not manage you well and everyday fight
cannot be avoided.  


Do not marry a lazy man who doesn’t have a future. Go for him
if he is very hardworking if he has plans for you and himself. He might be
busy at times, just know that he is doing everything in his power to give you a
comfortable life. A perfect man will never want you to suffer whatsoever. He is
simply dedicated to you.

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