8 Not So Good Texting Habits You Should Avoid With Your Partner

Making use of the right words is going to go a long way in any relationship. You should make no mistake about it. Communication plays a vital role in any relationship, and it’s also the foundation that we build a relationship on especially in a romantic relationship. Communication helps to build the relationship between two persons – it brings them closer. It improves intimacy between two persons. It closes the gaps in between them. And it’s going to be very important in any romantic relationship. That is why you should be painstaking about the way that you and your partner communicate in the relationship.   Technology has made things much easier and has made texting popular in the world of communication. It’s one of the most popular ways of communication in the world that we are today.  Texting has also made communication easier for two persons that are not physically together. That is why most partners turn to the aid of texting as a means of communication when they are not together. But it has come to our notice that a lot of couples tend to make mistakes when they are texting with their partners and you don’t want to have any brush up with your significant partner. These mistakes are capable of causing little heat in any relationship. That’s why you need to learn the proper way to text your partner. So, without any further prolong talks, here are the bad habits that you need to avoid when texting your partner:  

1. Do not ask too many unwelcome questions.

Do not be so intrusive when asking your partner questions. Just be lively and don’t be too personal. Texting should be a casual form of communication and shouldn’t be taken so personally.  

2. Do not send a message that’s not presentable to the rest of the world. 

You need to have this thought: can you actually “status update” what you are sending to your partner? If you wouldn’t update it so that the world can see such text online then what are you actually saying to your partner. It should be the same when you are texting your partner who you said to be in love with.  

3. Use moderate emojis.

You don’t want to be overusing emojis in a text message. It’s your words that matter in the first place anyway. So use your words painstakingly, it’s nice if you add little Emojis but don’t overdo it.  

4. Do not overuse abbreviations.

Be real and mature. On your own side, you want to save all the time and pass across the information with the shortest time but come to think of it, how many minutes would it take you to type in full and send a message. Please, type properly and be mature enough with your words.  

5. Do not argue with your partner over text.

One of the important things you shouldn’t do over the text is arguments. It’s also one of the biggest problems of communicating over the text. Because you do not get to hear each other’s voice. It can lead to a conflict in a relationship as a result of a misconstrued statement over the text. You don’t get to hear each other’s tone of voice and it’s the tone coming to your head that will bring out your own reaction.  

6. Do not text while you are angry.

Don’t let anger get the best side of you especially when you are having a conversation with your partner over the text. Anger can force out what you don’t want to say and can lead to the end of your relationship. In the end, you end up regretting those text messages you’ve sent to your partner. Just avoid texting when you are upset with your partner.  

7. Do not let others read your texts, let it be personal. 

Don’t let anyone comes in between you and your partner. Let your text or conversation remains private. Don’t be willing to reveal your text messages with your partner to anyone. Not even your friend should know what you both discussed over the text. Your conversation should remain intimate and personal, you don’t want to be reneging your partner by showing anyone those private conversations.  

8. Do not spend all day texting.

You should learn to give your partner his or her breathing space. You don’t want to spend all day sending text messages to your partner. It bores them out. You and your partner have other responsibilities and pressing things to attend to, you don’t want to spend the whole day staring at your phone. You should leave texting for real-life conversation as well.

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