8 Major Problems Of A Relationship

It takes a lot of efforts to have a successful relationship. Relationship that both parties are in total agreement or harmony. It is not that the love they shared had been helping them, it is simply because they have been up doing all they could just to make it work. It is even known that relationships with the highest percentage of love experience so much pains and difficult times. You will want to argue with me because you might not really understand why but let me tell you something – when so much is given, so much is expected. I hope you understand with the little been said. It even goes deeper but that’s not my concentration today. Today we are going to focus on the 8 major problems of a relationship.

#1 Power to Stay in love

To love is for all but staying in love with one person is special. It takes real determination and grace to love and cherish just one person. This is one of the common problem amongst men, they tend to change taste with time as it is known that most men fall in love with the facial appearance and not really with the heart. This issue has been controversial countless of times amongst relationships. To be able to have a successful relationship, you need to be determined to love just one person, hold one person, kiss one person and do all with one person.
#2 Too much expectations
It is said that when so much is given so much is expected. When you expect so much of your partner, there is a problem. You need to give him or her free will to participate, love shouldn’t be a forceful or imposed thing.
#3 One way thing
When it’s a one sided thing; when it’s one person doing all the work in a relationship it is really tiring. It deteriorate love faster than anything. For a relationship to be healthy, it requires so much effort from the both partners.
#4 Trust Issues (Stalking)
Trust has always been the backbone of any relationship. It is difficult for love to reign when trust has no place in a relationship. When there is no trust, love is in fact irrelevant I must say. That is why love alone is not enough, it requires trust, patience, care, and more (without these elements love will not survive).
#5 Past
This can quickly die down any relationship. Past is one strong element that needs to be examined or forgotten without any hesitation for you to be able to really enjoy your relationship. Past can be a very big scar and if care is not taken, it will continuously tell upon one’s present relationship.
#6 Forgetting
It is crucial to be able to forgive and forget. It is easy to forgive one’s partner but to forget can require a lot of efforts. This can be a problem as well.

#7 Extended Family Issues

This is not really as bad as the rest because your decision to love someone should be final with anyone’s intervention. You will be the one to live with this person anyway. Do not allow anyone to choose for you whatsoever.
#8 Infidelity
You do not have any right to cheat on your partner. If you do so, you are not worthy to be called a partner. It’s like betrayal of love and trust. Infidelity is also one of the problems of any unhealthy relationship.

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