7 Things You Have To Face When The Guy You Love Just Likes You

Who is that person that won’t love being worshipped by their men or guy? It is alright even when he does not directly worship you, but still, he is so much drench in love with you. But it is troubling when you have fallen for him but he does not feel the same way as you do. You know he cares about you, and you know that he is interested as well, but what else is keeping him from getting to where you are! You can only be patient for a while. After a while it is going to hit you like anything. You are definitely going to be hurt. When the heart keeps saying, wait for him; he is coming around, while the mind keeps pressing on you to do the reasonable thing and give up. You keep on hearing “there is plenty of fish in the sea”. But the truth is that you are really contented when your heart is set on this one very fish, you do not want anyone else anymore. You are ready to go through the following things than giving up on and letting him go.

1. You are always waiting on signs

But my greatest fear is that those little surprises, nice texts, and other affectionate things do not really mean that he’s in love with you. And I am not saying It that he is not interested in you at all either. Don’t try to crave something that doesn’t exist. It is so frustrating and difficult and will not even help you in the situation. He is very nice to you because he just likes you and doesn’t want to deny you the right way that you deserved to be treated. Do not read too much into things.

2. You do not really enjoy the power they have in there relationship

Since you are the one who is in love with him, you will always be painstaking of his needs, wants, and feelings. At times you will even care for him than you do to yourself. But what about him? There’s a good chance that he might do the same things that you are doing for him. And it might not put so much energy because he doesn’t really love you or feel the same as you. His scale of preferences is so from yours. And you are the one whose feelings are always going to be at his own grace.

3. The expectations are limited

Everything goes as long as he is concerned, whatever he does, pleases you. You just don’t care and you would even settle for less than you deserved. And your content has been beaten to the ground because you are okay with everything without complaint. Your self-confidence or esteem is at stake when you are accepting the way he treats you. You already know the truth but you don’t want to do anything about it. You are ready to wait forever till he comes back to realize that you are a great person. But what if you are disappointed and never get him to realize it.

4. You do not really know how long it will last

It could be so long or short maybe days, weeks, or months before he moves over from like to love you. And there is also a chance that he might not really get to move to the other side that you wanted so badly. There is no assurance for that. You just don’t want to end it all because you are drenched in love, but what if he comes back at you that it is not really going to work out. You so prune to his disposal, so easy to dump off. He can do anything that he thinks is right and not even one thing you can do about it. You are given the lowest odds but these odds are not the best for you.

5. How far would you go further to make him love you?

You can invest your feelings in someone, and whole other things to invest a lot more than that. It might be yourself or money and you might even forget that something like self-value even exists. You need to learn to maintain your lain somehow. You are already in a not so good position, a point that is so vulnerable. He might even take good advantage of you for the feelings you have for him. Because in reality you don’t say no to him, he doesn’t really get a no from you and he could exploit you in any way.

6. Closing-up is not something you can expect when everything ends

How do you put an end to a thing that has not started? You won’t stop wanting him even if you both break up. When he is not showing you any sign of interest, you are the one still forcing yourself on him, trying everything to hold onto him. He is not even affected by it. As for him, you are desperate and you would get tired of it sooner or later. On another note you ate killing yourself mentally which doesn’t come with any sense to the occurrence. It might take you forever or so long to be at peace after breaking free with this person who doesn’t feel the same way as you.

7. Those what-ifs

It is so torturing and stressful when you are in love with a guy who just likes you. But the torture even continues after breaking up with this guy. You have many what-ifs after the breakup. What if it worked out between the both of you? What if you had done things differently? What if he had given it a little more time? Etcetera etcetera. If you are in a relationship at the moment like this, you keep your head straight. Do not let him put you in the forever dark. You don’t need to be fine with something that doesn’t suit you and you don’t have to sacrifice your dignity for anyone. I know that you are still hoping for the best but don’t overdo it and make it run over you.

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