7 Things That Those Who Are Struggling To Find Love Should Know

You might be looking for a partner for a while now and you’ve started to think it’s that it’s time to give up. You’ve concluded that some people might be predetermined to stay single forever by their destinies that you’re one of them.

Your perspective about this absolutely wrong. You won’t find love if you simply give in to this problem. Every individual has a partner and you are not even an exception.

I believe your predestined soulmate is also waiting patiently for you out there, and ready to meet up with you. Maybe all your failed relationships left you with so many vulnerabilities and also made you think that you are unlovable. You are also wrong with that. You need to now that God is preparing you for a better tomorrow. You are smarter, wise and more intelligent now. Those hard times you’ve been through are processes that are making you for better days ahead.

God is painting a picture of how true love should look and should not to you. He wants you to know that you deserve better and not let anyone offers you less. Your standard cannot be at stake. God knows what he is doing for you. He wouldn’t want you to end up in an abusive marriage or relationship.

Never lose hope or give up on love. We all have different paths in life, but they all lead us to our soulmates. You just have to be patient and trust the universe on this one.


I’ve listed out some essential things that you need to pay attention to;

7 Things That Those Who Are Struggling To Find Love Should Know

1. Enjoy your freedom

You don’t have to worry for now. You need to enjoy the freedom while it lasts. You will always spend the rest of your life with your soulmate. So why would you worry yourself over something that’s predestined for you?

2. Love is within you

Finding love can be funny, you know? Why are you stressing yourself over something that’s already with you? The way that love is designed, or let me say you cannot give what you don’t have. The first thing that you need this time is to love yourself first. Then you will be ready to love another person.

3. Focus on yourself

You don’t have to keep waiting for your love to appear to you. You will have to take care of yourself for now. Obviously, finding someone to love shouldn’t dismantle your life’s schedule at all. You don’t need to direct all your energy and vibes toward that. While you are single, there are tons of things to enjoy while it lasts. You are free to focus on those things.

Take care of your skin, hair, and wardrobe. Wear a beautiful appearance. You’ve always thought that dying your hair is a big commitment and that’s why you’ve never had the courage to try those shades you like so much. You have to be more productive in everything that you do instead of being stagnated on a point waiting for love to locate you. Who knows? You might find your true love while getting busy doing productive activities. There is a saying and I quote;

Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans.


4. Surround yourself with people who love you

Sounding yourself with people that care about you is food for the soul. You will always feel better around them because to them, you are one big important pillar.

They tend to notice any slight change in you and calling your attention to it is what they do best. You can’t be sad around them because they’ll notice and you’ll be caught. Being around them can be so lively, so much fun and playing acts. In the end, you’ll get to know that people who truly love you are more than what you think. Maybe a different kind of love but… It’s nice to have them around. Some people are inevitable, especially those who know your secrets. Hang out with them more.

5. Maybe your heart still isn’t ready?

Have you ever thought of this? Live might be coming to play here for you. You know the last time you got betrayed, it was so painful and unbearable. I’m going to speak for you here that you will not get hurt again because you won’t rush into it this time. You will need to take your time to decide what’s right for you. Don’t bother too much about finding love, because it will find you when you least expect it.

6. Trust the timing of your life

All you have to do is sit back and wait for better timing. I want to tell it to your face that you on the right timing, you are not late at all. So you don’t need to run into anything because you are being desperate or tired of being single. I have also heard some scenarios where a lady uses a guy to forget her past relationship. Remember, this is absolutely wrong because you wouldn’t want to hurt anyone exactly the way that you were betrayed and hurt by your Ex. Fine, there are some rare cases that you will eventually get to love him in process, but what if you don’t get to love him back and he finds out that you used him? This will be another painful form of betrayal of trust and love. You don’t need to rush into a relationship for selfish interest. You need to be ready and when you are ready you need to be sure that you are doing the right thing.

7. God is always on your side

You don’t have to be afraid because God is on your side. He will take care of you or let me say he is taking care of you, only if you look beyond the physical that you are concentrating on. Be rested assured that God has a plan for you and all you have to do is to trust him. You can not settle for less, remember! God has someone prepared for you, so trust him.

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