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7 Things Every Guy Wants In A Relationship

It’s a fact that guys don’t like feelings as much as women. They won’t break or open up to you, even after you’ve been together a long time.

They prefer to keep their mouths shut and hope that you get what they think you’re gonna get.

But their silence doesn’t mean they’re completely satisfied with your relationship.

They have things they want you to do, but they won’t ask them or let you know what they are. And women are the complicated ones, aren’t they?

I think some of them are really too shy to ask for something that they want, or he’s too afraid that you’re going to reject his ideas.

However, it’s hard to make a relationship last long without even knowing what your men need.

But, don’t worry. Here’s a list of things that every guy definitely wants to have in a relationship.

Check it out and find out what your boyfriend is missing, and make your relationship last forever.

1. Respect

One might say that men value respect even more than love itself. If you do not respect him and what he really is, he will think that you do not even care, and what is the point of staying together?

If you don’t care about his career, his hobbies or the people he hangs out with, you don’t respect him.

You are accomplices to a crime, and if you don’t support each other and show mutual respect, how can you walk through life together?

Will it be possible to solve the problems that await you together if you do not respect each other? That’s what he wants most, but will never tell you.

2. A real partner.

He wants you to be there for him to do with him what he likes. He will never try to convince you to do something to him, because, naturally, you will resist even more.

That’s why he keeps his mouth shut and probably hints you at what he really wants.

He wants someone to talk to him about what he likes, and he wants you to understand when he needs his space, so that you back off and leave him to decide things for himself.

In other words, he needs someone who can understand him, who will be his true partner in everything he does.

3. Intimacy.

Men are better at communicating with women through sexual activity, while women are better at communicating emotionally by talking.

This should not mean that you should go out regularly to make him happy, not at all. They find their safety in everything sexual that you do, or usually, just point out.

So if you’re on the bed next to him, give him a hug and throw your foot on him. Put your fingers on his back, show him that you want him.

That will be more than enough to make him feel wanted, and ironically, that’s exactly what he wants.

4. Personal space.

Sometimes men need you to just leave them alone. If they struggle with something, they don’t talk about it out loud and don’t ask for advice and help; instead, they retreat to their men’s cave and solve their own problems.

If you insist on finding out what is bothering him, you will push him even harder, which will make him close-up.

Don’t worry, you’ll find out what’s going on because he’ll come to you first, but only when he’s ready.

Don’t push him, because you’ll get the opposite of what you want.

5. Spontaneity.

No one wants their relationship to become stale and boring, so a little excitement is needed from time to time. Men want you to be fun and adventurous.

They want to do crazy things to you, especially when you’re both young.

They want these moments to be with the person they love the most so they can cherish when they get older.

Don’t take the fun out of your relationship, and sometimes, even if you don’t want to, take his suggestions and go with the flow. It’ll make you both happy.

6. Affirmation by Him.

Men don’t need verbal praise like most women. Let’s face it, we like to be praised from time to time, but men work differently.

We’ve said before that they don’t express their feelings as well through verbal communication, but gestures are a different thing.

Because they express themselves in this way, they want you to reciprocate.

Don’t tell them you love them, show it to them. Show them what you like about them and how you respect them and what they do.

Make them feel as attractive as soon as possible. It will make him feel loved and “approved.”

7. Safe.

Your man will open up to you completely if you make him feel safe with you. You must show him that you care about your relationship as much as he does.

You have to show him that you have been in him for a long time, that he is not just some random person, but a real person.

He will feel safe and, therefore, loved when you touch him and show him intimacy. He will feel safe when you stand next to him for the better or for the worse.

He will feel safe when you support him and what he does. He will feel safe when you show him that you trust him.

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