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7 Text Messages That You Should Never Send To Your Man If You Want To Keep Him In Your Life

The value of text messages in the modern era cannot be denied, especially when it comes to modern quotes. Because of the importance of smartphones, you are now given the ability to instantly communicate with your partner regardless of how far you may be. But remember that old cliché: with great power comes great responsibility. Just because you have the power to text your partner at all times doesn’t mean you should. And in those moments when you text her, You always want to make sure you’re judicious. Don’t want to be texting recklessly. You want to be calculated. Yes, you always want to be able to say what you think about your relationship; and that’s true. That’s healthy though, that doesn’t mean you can throw things recklessly without thinking about how your words will impact your relationship. He wants to make sure he still maintains his touch, grace, and balance. That is true for both real-life conversations and text messages. There are only certain text messages you want to make sure you don’t send your man. Otherwise, you’re gonna take him further and further away from you. Text messages should be a tool used to approach each other. But if you use it badly, you run the risk of losing a happy and healthy relationship with him. And if you feel you’re not so good at texting, Don’t worry. For that is this article. Here are some examples of text messages you should never send to your man if you want to keep him in your life.  

1. Nags and complaints.

Not only when you’re texting, but keep in mind that you have to keep complaints and complaints to a minimum. In general, guys really hate it when you do that. Try to be a problem solver instead of someone passively complaining about all the bad things that are happening. Be your partner. Work together as you try to overcome the obstacles of your relationship. You don’t want to be nagging and nagging too much without talking about what you can do to remedy your situation.  

2. Insults and criticism.

There must always be room for criticism in a relationship, but it must always be done with sensitivity and love. You can’t criticize and insult him just to make him feel bad. That’s not gonna make me want to be with you. And especially you can’t criticize it through the text. You risk being misunderstood. Always take a very personal approach by trying to constructively criticize your man. Otherwise, I could take it the wrong way.  

3. Apologies and excuses.

Apologies are great but don’t take the easy way just by texting her. When you’re wrong in a relationship, it’s essential that you swallow your pride and admit your faults. Go up to him and apologize; reassure him that he knows what he did was wrong and that he will learn from it. And above all, do it in person. Something as sensitive as an apology has to be done in person. Sending it through a text message takes away the meaning.  

4. Interrogations and accusations.

Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions with your man. Do not question him about his whereabouts the night before via a text message. Don’t accuse him of cheating with another girl through a text message. In general, retain in all accusatory observations. These are serious problems that must be dealt with in person and in a very intensive way.  

5. Huge relationship with bombs.

Don’t break up with him on the phone. Do not ask him to move in with you through a text message. You don’t expect him to text you, do you? Give him the same respect. If there is a serious problem with your relationship, you should be able to talk about these things in person. There are some conversations you just can’t have in a virtual space.  

6. Serious problems.

In relation to the previous article in this list, even some of the more serious aspects of life that do not necessarily concern your relationship should be discussed in person. If he finds out that he’s sick, that he’s pregnant, that he’s being promoted, that he’s been fired; whatever. These are things I should reserve for face-to-face conversations.  

7. Secrets and private information

And finally, don’t share intimate and private details through your texts. You can’t rely too much on technology these days. You never know who’s gonna end up with the information you share on your phone.

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