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7 Signs He is Actually Over His Ex-Girlfriend

Relationships are complicated and they can actually be a real pain in the head. However, there’s always an added level of complication anytime someone is carrying emotional luggage into a current relationship. It used to be less-complicated whenever you’re falling in love with someone who has no relationship emotional baggage or history. You actually know that you’re starting afresh with this guy and he is practically a blank canvas with his cool emotions. However, a guy who has really had many relationship histories might prove to be a little more complicated than you think he is. He might say that he has gotten over his ex but the truth is that he might still have little lingering feelings for her. In fact, it is not too rare for guys to think that they have moved on even when they really have not. And that can prove to be troublesome or disturbing for starting a new relationship. Any added emotional baggage or luggage could bring with it some extra weight and toxicity into a budding or developing romance. That’s why you always want to make sure that any guy that you are dating is always going to have a fresh heart and a fresh mind. You want someone who you know you can build a new relationship from start or scratch with. You want to be with a guy who is not hung up over someone else. You do not want to have to share his attention with a romantic lover or an ex from his past. But how do you know for sure maybe a man has truly gotten over his ex or he hasn’t? Well, there are some telling signs that you can choose to keep an eye out for. If you find out that a lot of these things apply to your man in your relationship, then you have reason to be happy and rejoice. If he has a lot of these behaviors, it is very likely that he has gotten over his ex for real and he is ready to start a new relationship with you.  

1. He is truly happy for his ex.

You might want to think that if he talks ill or bad of his ex, then that would be a sign of him being truly over her. But that is not always going to be the case. In fact, more often than not, a man who has negative feelings towards his ex is someone who has a lot of negative luggage that has yet to resolve on his own.  

2. He has really burned bridges with his ex for good.

He does not really try to get in touch or contact his ex anymore. He has absolutely burned bridges with her and he is not interested in trying to establish contact with her now that their relationship is over for good. This is a clear indication that he is no longer hung up over her.  

3. He does not bring her up or talk about her unless you ask about her.

He won’t bring his ex up during the conversations that you have with each another. Matter of fact, the only times he brings her up is when you ask him about it. Otherwise, he does not really think of her. She does not really cross his mind anymore because he has started to focus on other aspects of life and not the past.  

4. He has made it known to family and friends that he is single again.

He’s no longer hiding the fact that he is single. He’s making it known to those around him that he’s back on the search market and that he’s ready to move on from his previous romantic life or past. He’s trying to leave the past behind him. He is moving forward and not looking back. He does not cling to the hope that they are going to get back together.  

5. He is exploring the world of dating again.

He has finally opened himself up to dating again. He has dived right back into the dating pool. He’s opening himself up to the logic of falling in love with someone else because he has finally gotten over his past for real.  

6. He is carrying a lot of positive energy.

Anytime someone goes through a breakup, it is not an easy process. It is always hard to have to get over the heart-break that comes with having to separate yourself from someone you were once dearly in love with. It can take a toll on a person’s positive energy. And if he feels like he is not being bogged down by negative energy anymore, then that’s actually a good sign.

  7. He does a lot of things that make him happy and inspire him.

And finally, one of the most actual signs that a guy has gotten over his ex is when he starts to really focus on himself more than before. He’s no longer bogged over losing his ex because he is too busy just living his best life. He spends most of his time doing the things that he loves doing the most. He’s following his inspiration and his passion.

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