7 Important Signs That Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted In The Relationship

Getting to know if your partner is trying to take advantage of you is not going to be easy in a relationship. However, it’s mandatory that you know if your man is in a relationship with you for other reasons that is not love. You don’t want to be dating someone who doesn’t worth it. You don’t want to be in a relationship With someone who is just going to abuse you. You need to keep yourself protected. It’s normal that you open your heart to people whenever you want to get closer to them, but you need to state clear a point to stay guarded. You want to be in a point that you are not taken for granted or fooled by someone. That’s why there is need for you to notice these signs in your respective relationships to be able to know if someone is truly loving on you or using you. But if you notice these signs in your partner, then you are with the wrong person who is just going to take you for granted. He just see you as an opportunity and he’s obviously using you. The best thing to do is to make him know about his doings. And if he feels defensive or reluctant, then you might want to quit the relationship. Because it’s a sign that he doesn’t really love you at all.  

1. He doesn’t apologizes to you. 

He doesn’t apologizes to you when he is wrong in the relationship. He believes he doesn’t make mistakes or let me say he doesn’t accept his mistakes. He thinks he is just fine all by himself in the relationship. He doesn’t care about his actions or how hurting they can be. He feels so reluctant to say sorry, if he says sorry he doesn’t really mean it.    

2. He will just make you feel crazy anytime you try to draw boundaries.

Anytime you try to come up with your feelings in the relationship, he makes you feel you are just being crazy and brushes you off. He is trying everything to invalidate your thoughts on everything.  

3. He doesn’t fulfill his promises.

He does put so much effort into the relationship, he doesn’t fulfill any of his promises and commitments to you. You don’t even trust his words anymore because they are all baseless and he won’t even fulfill them after all. He is definitely indifferent by disappointing you; he is not bothered.      

4. He believes that he owns you. 

He believes that you are going no where and that you will always be with him. He thinks  no matter what he does to you in the relationship that you are going no where. He definitely takes you for granted.  

5. He doesn’t send you a  message unless you send him a message first.

He doesn’t want you to think that he is thinking about you at all. He would never send you a message first unless he needs something from you. Otherwise, you are just the one working on the relationship, you are always the one who sends the messages or do the callings.  

6. He wants you to always make adjustments for the relationship.

He finds no need for him to make adjustments since you are all there. He will not drive near to get where you are at all. You are always the one who bends in and out to make it all compatible. He virtually does a thing towards the success of the relationship.  

7. He frequently cancels out his  plans with you

He doesn’t put your emotions into consideration. He doesn’t care if it hurts you or not. He doesn’t make you feel so important. He easily cancel out his plans with you if something better comes up which makes him unworthy of you. He doesn’t care if you are hurt or not

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