6 Text Messages To Send Your Ex After A Break Up

Breaking up is a very difficult thing for everyone to go through. When a lot of lingering feelings are still involved unaddressed, this statement is so true. But despite the nature of every breakup, it does not necessarily need to be not so good. The only necessity is going about the whole thing in the perfect right way. If you are the one putting an end to the relationship, it is normal for you to have some feelings left over for your ex. Especially when the relationship has to be for a very long time. If you are still anxious about how they might be doing after the break up because you still care, it is very okay to check on them. You just need to state things very clear that you are just making sure if they are doing well or they are okay. But how exactly do you go about doing these things? Do you know at all that there are so many rules and limits surrounding breakups?

You do not want to be crossing those limits but you can not really help it. That is still okay. It is really nice of you to want to know how your ex is doing after the breakup. But you have to be very careful about all the moves you make. There are very lines that you don’t really want to go over. You want to signal a sense of empathy without pitying at all. You want to let them know that you just care and no more in love with them. You don’t want to be nosy when you express your care to them. That is why you have to put yourself in their shoes, you need to be able to look through the situation with the perspectives of your ex. You have to try to figure out what they might be feeling and the perfect way to approach them. The perfect way to confront them rally round the circumstances around the breakup. You need to know that context is everything. If you both ended up with a very not so good fight, it is advisable to give them their space for a while. Maybe it’s best to let everything die down before approaching them again even when you are so desperate to do it. If both of you were in a relationship for a long time and they did not really receive the breakup so well, it is better for you to keep your space for a while. Or if you are the one that met the blackout all of a sudden and you are not really going about the whole thing not so well. It is the best for you to keep a distance from them instead of rushing to the keyboard to give them a message after the breakup. You should give yourself room to breathe for a while as well. Again, it’s all dependent on the ground of the situation that you’re on. But you need to know that there is no exact approach to this for all relationships and breakups. It is definitely different for every single one of them. You just need to read the situation and act based on the result accordingly. There is no exact way of reaching out to an ex after a breakup.

1. If you are the one that broke up with them and they are not really so handling it well. Hello ______. I believe you feel good today. I am really sorry about how everything beats to the ground yesterday, and I am willing to listen if you really want to talk.

2. If you ended the relationship with them and they look very okay. Hi ______, I really appreciate that you listened to me yesterday. I want you to know that I am so much grateful for the way you handled our conversations and I am thankful for what we shared when we both were together.

3. If the whole thing burns down on a mutual breakup. Hey ______. I’m happy that we conversed yesterday. I knew our conversation needed to happen and I am grateful we are both on the same page. How are you doing?

4. If you ended the relationship after a bad fight. I am sorry about how I behaved yesterday. Sure, it was a conversation that needed to happen, but I went about it in a not so good way or let me say a very bad way. I hope you are doing fine today, and if not so good, I’m ready to talk about it more.

5. If they ended it and you are not handling it well. Hi ______. Thank you for your honesty yesterday. I am so sorry about the way I handled the whole thing, but I felt very strongly for you, and I was not really ready for this to end now. It was so difficult, and I hope you understand as well.

6. If they broke up with you and you are doing it well. Hello ______. I’m glad we were able to talk yesterday. Thank you for your honesty. I wish you all the very best in life and endeavors.

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