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6 Signs That Your Ex Misses You

If you’re looking for signs that your ex is missing you, that’s fine. It’s okay to admit you’re curious about how your ex-boyfriend is doing. No one’s going to make fun of you for that. It’s a very rational and humane experience to have. If you were really in love with this man, then he meant a lot to you. Even though you may already be over him, this does not mean that you will stop thinking about him from time to time. You may not be able to help yourself, and that’s okay.
Damn it! It’s possible that you even still have feelings for him and are thinking about getting back together with him. That’s okay, too. Either way, it’s perfectly normal to wonder if your ex still has feelings for you or not. A good way to find out if he still has feelings for you is to see if he still misses you. But how can you tell? Well, there are a few signs you could look for. Here are some signs that your ex still misses you.

1. He just wants to run into you…

When you’re out and about, you find it odd that you keep bumping into your ex all of a sudden. What could that mean? Maybe it’s more than just an accident or a coincidence. Maybe it’s possible that he’s searching for your whereabouts all the time because he just misses you so much.

2. He keeps slipping into your DM’s

He deliberately uses every possible excuse to try to communicate with you. He wants to communicate with you so much that he slips into your DM’s over and over again. Right now he just makes the most of every opportunity he gets.

3. He comments all your social media.

If you post a new picture, he likes it. If you release a meme, he comments on it. It feels like he’s following your every move in social media.

4. He interviews your friends about you.

He is genuinely curious about how you are doing. But he does not want to appear overzealous. What does he do instead? He is texting your friends. He asks them about you. He still has a lot invested in your life. He still feels like he has a stake in it. Also read, 5 realistic signs that your ex will come back one day.

5. He asks you to meet someone.

Is he asking because he’s worried about you? Is he asking you because he wants to know if he still has competition? One way or another. That’s an excellent indication that he’s invested in your love life. He misses what you used to have. And he’s curious to know if you’re reliving what you had with someone new.

6. He writes to you out of the blue about random memories that you’ve shared.

It’s obvious. He’s trying to take advantage of the nostalgia factor. He misses you terribly and desperately wishes you miss him as much. So he’s trying to bring back some of your favorite memories to make you feel nostalgic. He wants you to miss him too.

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