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6 indicators that she will never leave her man.

#1 – COMPLAINT She doesn’t complain about every little things that you do bluntly, she finds a perfect way to show you the right thing because she believes together you both grow and become the best couple. She finds a perfect moment to make you smile and stylishly project her information to you. It doesn’t mean she cannot tell you that you are wrong but she believes you both are still learning and you cannot know everything.   #2 – LOVE IN ACTION She doesn’t just say she loves you, she acts it. Every thoughts she has is just to make sure you are in a good terms. She doesn’t care about those negative talks she hears about you. But when she cannot take it any more, she finds you and ask if what she heard about you are true. Her love for you won’t make her want you to be upset with her. She always wants your good side whatsoever.

#3 – PLANS You are included in every of her plans. She even comes to you for advice because she doesn’t want to do all by herself. She does whatever you ask her to do even when it seems wrong to her. She doesn’t want to argue with you.  

#4 – ENDURANCE She is ready to tolerate your habits and also ready to make you stop them. She acts as if she is your mother even when it seems difficult. She doesn’t insult you about your status, she’s ready to struggle to the top with you. She finds all means to help you whenever you are stranded.  

#5 – UNDERSTANDING No one understands you like her. She hold you tight when you are depressed even when it’s difficult for her to do. She is ready to listen to you. She will find all means to make you smile even when she’s not also happy with the whole thing. The duration of your fight is no time because she won’t let “I’m sorry” be difficult for her to say even when you are the devil. She loves and understands you so much, just like herself.  

#6 – WIFE MATERIAL She is a wife material in terms of care, spending, advice and the way she talks cannot be anything other than wife material. She is a mother by the way she addresses every situations. She is extremely wise in attending to matters that concern you and her relationship with you. She does not jump in to conclusions so easily. She says NO when needed in her judgments.   The truth is that there is no specific trait of a lady that won’t desert her man. But we can only watch and tell out of her ways of talking and actions. Be careful when choosing the right lady to be with. When you meet her you will know if you deal with her with a true and sincere heart. 

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